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a dish of marinated vegetables and meat or fish

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Let me explain: For less than two months, a guy named Jak wooed a girl named Barbie, and what sealed the deal was Jak's 'spicy adobo' dish.
Region XI's chef Alfonso Dolia Solane LPG/Released Braised sticky rice with mangosteen salsa topped with sweet and spicy adobo Solane LPG/Released Region XII's Chiko Cacanindin Solane LPG/Released Maguindanaoan Beef sinina with mashed potato and purple yam Solane LPG/Released Region XIII chef Paolo Lumbres Solane LPG/Released Buntaa with pan-fried salmon, coconut shrimp sauce and lemongrass oil Solane LPG/Released At the NCR leg, chef Wilfredo Peaafiel II emerged victorious with his Pan-fried rellenong manok, stuffed with salted egg, longganisa, kesong puti served with ginger-pandan rice pilaf, mango-mustard sauce, sauteed julienned baby carrots and zucchini with chicharo.
1) Adobo Chicken adobo by Mama Sita's Image Credit: Supplied
According to police and responders, the patients experienced dizziness and vomited after eating the adobo served to them.
Brown rice veggie with chicken adobo and lemongrass
Combine the bacon, pepperoni, grated cheese, chopped chipotle peppers and their adobo in a mixing bowl, stirring until well blended.
Serve adobo over rice, and garnish with minced green onions, cut-up tomatoes, and bananas.
The menu includes their favorite comfort food, which, so far, ranges from meatloaf and macaroni and cheese to pork adobo and vegetarian tamales.
Adobo Chronicles wrote that Sanchez's remarks embarrassed the country, causing Japan to file a protest to permanently keep her off from TV, which the international body allegedly backed 100 percent.
First we tried the Flippin Adobo 'Fili' Cheesesteak($12), which has shaved prime ribs sauteed in Adobo sauce, melted provolone cheese, smoked chipotle aioli, and crispy leeks served on a hoagie bun.
Nearly 200 company-owned California Pizza Kitchen locations are now offering a Casamigos Citrus Adobo Margarita.
Ingredients: 700gm frozen, shelled and deveined large shrimps, thawed; 350gm bottle Mexican chile and lime marinade; cooking oil, for grill; 220gm container sour cream; 1 chipotle pepper in adobo sauce, finely chopped; 1tbsp adobo sauce; 12 corn tortillas; 170gm bag shredded red cabbage; 1/2 cup chopped onion; 1 cup preparedguacamole; 1 lime, for garnish
Named for Bruno's line of seasonings, Bruno's Adobo opened nearly a year ago on the ground floor of the former insurance-office-turned-residential-high-rise in Jackson.
IT IS widely reported that the alleged incompetence of UBS employee Kweku Adobo is thought to have lost the bank pounds 1.5bn.
If you'd like a silky texture, strain the adobo through a medium-mesh sieve.