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a dish of marinated vegetables and meat or fish

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DECADENT MOOD AND FOOD Clockwise: Crispy pata; sago gulaman; gambas; and adobo rice
As for me, I prefer pan de sal sliced, toasted lightly and slathered with butter; stuffed with day-old pork adobo reheated over low fire until the meat begins to fall off the bone.
We at NutriAsia believe that adobo evokes the warmth of a Filipino home in the same manner that the dish embodies the values that Avida communities hold dear-adherence to tradition and a sense of harmony between different 'flavors,'' de Leon said.
But I will not attempt to give you a traditional adobo I will tweak that recipe and give you an adobo pate, which we created by virtue of the fact that sometimes, you have your lazy moments deciding what you would feed your family.
The buffet served a wide selection of Philippine cuisine such as ensaladang manga, sinigang, adobo, pancit molo, crispy sisig, kare-kare, tuna kinilaw, lechon kalawi, and desserts such as ube truffles, buko pandan sorbet, tablea cake cacao and turon.
Serve adobo over rice, and garnish with minced green onions, cut-up tomatoes, and bananas.
Sprinkle lightly with some Adobo seasoning, to taste.
One indicator that Adobo Republic's article was a satire is that it quoted the "fired" news reader as saying in reaction to her receiving the boot, "Well and good
IT IS widely reported that the alleged incompetence of UBS employee Kweku Adobo is thought to have lost the bank pounds 1.
If you'd like a silky texture, strain the adobo through a medium-mesh sieve.
The specialty dish will be the chicken Adobo, having sweet and sour flavours and different variety of vegetables in shrimp paste.
Casual Entertaining Street Fare: The Taco Class," with Jaime Aguirre of Ginger's Kitchenware in Bend, presents Vermicelli Soup; four tacos - Carne Asada, Adobo Pork, Crisp Potato and Baja-Style Fish; Avocado Sauce; Salsa Casera; Tita's Salsa; and Creamy Chipotle Sauce.
Start by deciding on burrito, hard or soft tacos, or burrito bowl (no tortilla wrapper); move on to choice of fillings: adobo grilled chicken, pork carnitas, adobo grilled steak, beef barbacoa or beans (black or pinto), with or without rice.
Quick-cook:--Carne al Pastor: a blend of traditional adobo marinades with pre-diced pork
And my husband took Chickpea Loaf (page 8) topped with Smooth Adobo Sauce (page 10) in tortillas for lunch for days.