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a house built of sod or adobe laid in horizontal courses

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I walked the quarter mile from the adobe house to his brown cabin on the hill, which seemed to be rising with the warmth of the propane heater in the front room, the television erasing what of the world was not inside.
Whenever we heard the Red Alarm siren, we all gathered in the ground floor of the adobe house of the vineyard in darkness, unable to breathe out of fear.
Low cost earthquake resistant reinforcement for adobe house. Proceedings of the 3rd International conference on earthquake resistant engineering structures: Advances in Earthquake Engineering, Malaga, Spain, 755-764.
One day, Tike receives a book from the government about how to construct a sturdier adobe house, made from the land itself, and he starts to espouse the benefits of adobe.
Caballo lives close-by in another canyon town, Batopilas, where he spends winters in an adobe house that he built himself.
Published as a complement to the collections of the educational center and museum housed in the nineteenth century adobe house at the site, this volume presents the history of the southern California site including discussions of the indigenous populations that used the area as a trading and ceremonial hub, the enormous grant of three hundred thousand acres made to a Spanish soldier in 1784 and its subsequent role as a functioning rancho in the life and development of the region.
It was next to an adobe house that I walked in, and then I immediately saw a filthy public toilet.
We're heading north to her home and studio in Abiquiu, a large adobe house whose core goes back to 1760.
You've grown from just an agency to help people build that chicken coop or adobe house to a clear voice for responsible living and responsible politics in a time of crisis.
Shineywater and Rachel "Raybob" Hughes (Brightblack Morning Light's keyboardist, singer and other half) live nearby in an adobe house that's a long and dusty drive from Santa Fe.
"If I didn't succeed, they would have lost their home." As one might guess, the adobe house was just fine.
He lived on this side, our side, down on Old Border Road, and he showed me the old adobe house on the way to him taking me to my trailer.
For months he labored over making an adobe house. It was the dream house he had always wanted.
Born in an adobe house in Taiwan, the brilliant scientist-to-be studied at Texas A&M University; he became a U.S.
I hadn't ever seen an adobe house until long after the company was founded, and when I did, I thought: Everything I heard was right."