adobe house

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a house built of sod or adobe laid in horizontal courses

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But watching TV in that adobe house without electricity wasn't easy at all.
Low cost earthquake resistant reinforcement for adobe house.
Where the novel dwells on his visions of adobe houses it feels dated and slow, but it has more to it than this.
It was next to an adobe house that I walked in, and then I immediately saw a filthy public toilet.
We're heading north to her home and studio in Abiquiu, a large adobe house whose core goes back to 1760.
You've grown from just an agency to help people build that chicken coop or adobe house to a clear voice for responsible living and responsible politics in a time of crisis.
Shineywater and Rachel "Raybob" Hughes (Brightblack Morning Light's keyboardist, singer and other half) live nearby in an adobe house that's a long and dusty drive from Santa Fe.
He lived on this side, our side, down on Old Border Road, and he showed me the old adobe house on the way to him taking me to my trailer.
So the wolf and the first two little pigs helped the third little pig remodel the adobe house so that there was room for all of them.
Born in an adobe house in Taiwan, the brilliant scientist-to-be studied at Texas A&M University; he became a U.
I hadn't ever seen an adobe house until long after the company was founded, and when I did, I thought: Everything I heard was right.
purchased a tract of land in downtown Santa Fe's historic district, a dilapidated 1940s era adobe house was part of the package.
We photocopied pictures of six types of houses - a solar home, Victorian mansion, adobe house, log cabin, New England Salt Box and a castle.
There are ruins of an old adobe house adjacent to the property and a stone wall that probably dates to the 19th century running along the road in front.