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When this hypothesis is tested against crosslinguistic facts, we find, first of all, that some languages do not have true classes of morphologically free, syntactically integrated adnominal demonstratives, numerals or adjectives (Section 1).
Generally, when a language exhibits nominal inflection, pronominal demonstratives are more likely to be inflected than adnominal or adverbial demonstratives, thus
According to Declerck (1981: 155-157), "pseudo-modifier creation" involves the raising into object position of the subject NP of an embedded clause, turning the remainder of the clause, the participle VP, into a (syntactic) adnominal modifier.
Adnominal uses, arguably the most "typical" ones in adult language, are not attested at all, and inclusive intensifiers are found only in very few instances, where they are moreover associated with "control", thus being not too different from exclusive intensifiers.
Nossos resultados analiticos, convergentes com as generalizacoes anteriores, apontam uma expansao morfossintatica da rede para um padrao sintatico duplo: o SN2 (com sentido metaforico) mantem funcao de substantivo (a fera do volante) ou e sintaticamente reanalisado como um adjetivo, com estatuto de adnominal ou predicativo (guitarrista fera, o comicio foi monstro).
It is often taken for granted that it is always the adnominal intensifier which is central to that process (cf.
a) If all adnominal APs derive from the predicates of relative or relative-like clauses, as frequently assumed from the earliest work on generative grammar to the present, (22) then "split" APs could result from optional adjective-shift (Smith 1961), or, in contemporary jargon, A-raising (see Bernstein [1995]).
Consider, for instance, Ana and Bruno: in the early period, about a third of the adnominal adjectives appeared in postnominal position, whereas in the later period all adjectives are placed prenominally.
Jack Rueter, Adnominal Person in the Morphological System of Erzya, Helsinki 2010 (MSFOu 261).
8) and a significant difference at Region 7 with the adnominal locative faster (F1(1,43)= 6.
5) The structural location of adnominal adjectives is a very broad topic and cannot be dealt with in detail here for space limitations.
The German use of adnominal genitives is explored in another article, as is the innate deficiency of nominals in English.
Attributive possession in Udmurt language is traditionally presented by two primary patterns of adnominal phrases.
Because this structure initially suggests an adnominal structure, in which an adnominal proprietive modifies the agent, it will be discussed there along with other adnominal strategies.
On the other hand, notwithstanding the central position of the head (= "nucleus") in the nominal phrase, the role of adnominal premodifiers (= "satellites") should not be underestimated.