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of or pertaining to adnexa


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Nodular hidradenoma is a benign, rare adnexal neoplasm.
US is the first-line modality for the assessment of suspected adnexal masses, with very accurate results (5).
Antenatally, ultrasound is considered to be the best first-line imaging to evaluate adnexal masses [5].
It is important to minimize the number of surgeries for benign, asymptomatic adnexal masses because complications are reported in 2%-15% of surgeries for adnexal masses and these can range from minimal to devastating.
For that reason, total excision of myxomatous ovarian tumors together with the adnexal structures was advised.
For hysterectomy by all approaches the proportion performed with associated adnexal removal has increased in both the younger (from 31% to 65%, p < 0.005) and older (from 44% to 58%, p < 0.005) (Figure 8).
Both adnexal and nonadnexal adhesions were found in 97 and 88 cases, respectively.
The tumor marker CA125, initially described by Bast et al., is widely used for the routine diagnosis of adnexal masses [6].
Fever may be a marker of adnexal necrosis, particularly in the setting of leukocytosis.
In a report analyzing 143 cases of adnexal torsion, 84.6% were benign ovarian cysts and paratubal (paraovarian) cysts accounted for 1.4% of cases [2].
Rarely, multiple cylindromas can be encountered in familial cylindromatosis, an autosomal dominant genetic condition, or in Brook-Spiegler syndrome, a clinical setting in which multiple adnexal tumor types may manifest at younger ages and may involve other body regions such as the trunk and extremities [4-6].
An adnexal mass with a completely cystic appearance is a frequently encountered clinical entity and most often arises from the ovaries.
Ultrasound of abdomen and pelvis showed right adnexal mass involving fallopian tubes, right ovary and gut omentum.
Since adnexal injuries are not covered by OTS, these patients were thus labeled as unilateral ocular injury.