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of unlike parts or organs

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According to Eliot Beer, editor of Adnation, the controversy may cost FP7 Doha its Agency of the Year title: "The situation they are in now, Lynx is now almost certain to recall FP7's work for Samsung judging by the fact that they have already been removed from the Lynx website.
Working with publishers and projects like Adnation ME, we were able to offer the consultancy perspective highlighting benefits that social media can deliver to a publishing house.
Style head globose with narrowly conical upper part or broadly fusiform, usually without basal collar and upper wreath; stigmatic region on sides of lower cylindrical part below adnation of anthers; pollen shed onto sides of upper cone; ovary apocarpous; ovules mostly numerous per carpel; nectary disc usually well developed.
Motandra, Aganosma); lignified guide rails long, well developed; main attachment at about middle of style head; base of thecae normally agglutinated to upper style head as well; style head broadly fusiform, broadest and of ten with equatorial flange at about middle, normally with neither basal collar nor upper wreath; stigmatic region usually on lower cylindrical region below adnation of anthers.