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of unlike parts or organs

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Lamellae creamy to brown, sub-crowded, adnate to adnexed, broad, margin entire to somewhat crenuate.
Hyphoderma clavatum is characterized by being resupinate, adnate, effused, smooth yellowish white to pale yellow basidiocarp, narrowly clavate to subcylindrical, capitate, and apically encrusted cystidia with ellipsoid basidiospores.
The presence of the adnate forms in the six-month-old diatom community suggests that these cells were sturdy and hence were successful in maintaining their population.
Thallus greyish green in nature, becoming buff in herbarium, lobate, more or less adnate, at some points with rhizines strongly attach to the rock, saxicolous, about 10 cm broad.
Four stamens are adnate and reach the stigma level after anthesis, with a kidney-shaped anther dehiscing longitudinally, shedding oval- to sphere-shaped pollen grains that are 50 to 60 [micro]m in size (Chauhan et al.
Column forming an obtuse angle with the ovary, straight, dorsiventrally compressed, oblongcuneate, white suffused with dark brown, ventrally shallowly sulcate and densely papillose, 6-8 mm long, 2.3-3.5 mm wide near the apex, provided at each side of the apex with a triangular-ovate, membranaceous, acute auricle; column foot obliquely adnate to the apex of the ovary, papillose, channeled, 2-2.5 mm long, ca.
The peristome is thicker and is adnate to or free from the previous whorl (the attachment of the peristome to the previous whorl is individually variable, unlike other species of Autocoptis).
This species is usually easy to recognize by the adnate squamules of the primary thallus forming compact rosettes.
The highest species richness and diversity (H' = 4.46) of diatoms growing just with seawater showed a 7-day stable assemblage that included, not just small forms that pass easily through the filters, but also large diatoms, both adnate and erect forms.
One of the reversible reasons of intrauterine as well as postnatal paroxysmal tachycardia can be asphyxia and adnate infection.
The staminodial ring is adnate, high or low in the corolla.
Thallus squamulose, of adnate squamules III--SQUAMULOSE LICHENS 4.
Stamens 5; filaments slender, adnate at middle of the corolla tube, slightly winged at base; anthers dorsifixed, bilobed, [+ or -] sagittate, creamy-white.