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Synonyms for admonitory

Synonyms for admonitory

serving to warn

expressing reproof or reproach especially as a corrective

References in classic literature ?
While the Miss Schlegels were together he had felt them scarcely human--a sort of admonitory whirligig.
Paying as little regard to this admonitory cough, as to the significant gesture that had preceded it, the stranger pursued his questioning.
But, as it chanced to be immediately under his nose, it followed, as a matter of course, that he looked all over his desk for it, without finding it; and happening in the course of his search to look straight before him, his gaze encountered the pale and terrified face of Oliver Twist: who, despite all the admonitory looks and pinches of Bumble, was regarding the repulsive countenance of his future master, with a mingled expression of horror and fear, too palpable to be mistaken, even by a half-blind magistrate.
Bella, entering with a raised admonitory finger, kissed Lizzie softly, but said not a word.
Miller (who had fallen asleep during the recital of the verses) roused from his slumbers by an admonitory pinch, administered beneath the table by his ex-partner the solemn fat man, the old gentleman, without further preface, commenced the following tale, to which we have taken the liberty of prefixing the title of
Riley, in an admonitory, patronizing tone as he patted Maggie on the head, "I advise you to put by the 'History of the Devil,' and read some prettier book.
Here, he suddenly intensifies his admonitory tone: "Yet, some people want to adorn and decorate this 'Great Satan' and turn him into an angel.
Members of her family - its voices sung by Hudson Shad in a barbershop style that serves as an admonitory Greek chorus - cautions her against falling prey to the shortcoming as it might derail her plan.
For too many, the hand of friendship felt like an admonitory finger that was once again pointing at Britain's Muslims.
As for the constitutional protections spelled out in the Bill of Rights and the 14th Amendment, "we may read them as admonitory or hortatory, not definite enough to be guides on concrete questions.
The admonitory tone of his letters, then, did not necessarily result from any disappointment in his son, and we lack any basis for assuming that Moses actually was unwilling or unable to act on his father's dictate and counsel.
We have not learnt anything from our admonitory history when we lost half of our country giving birth to Bangladesh due to our follies on the national level.
She will not be able to tug his sleeve and wave an admonitory finger when he breaks the rules because she doesn't know them.
32) From the historical afar, Wolf's Crag ceases to be a reflection of the text's narrative psyche losing some of its admonitory power (although not all, for it also illustrates the Romantic tendency to use literature, architecture, customs, superstition, pictorial art, orality as shortcuts to the aesthetic palette of the national culture and therefore apt metonyms for its idiosyncratic traits).
28) Rejecting both a "premature optimism" and any theory--especially apocatastasis--that trivializes the relationship between God and human beings, Rahner holds the conviction that the biblical texts concerning the possibility of eternal suffering are "threat discourses," paranetic, and admonitory, not predictions of coming events.