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Synonyms for admonition

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Synonyms for admonition

words expressive of strong disapproval

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

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Synonyms for admonition

cautionary advice about something imminent (especially imminent danger or other unpleasantness)

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Wherefore, and because he looked with no favourable eye upon young girls, but rather considered that they and the whole female sex were a kind of nonsensical mistake on the part of Nature, he took occasion to retire and shake his head in private at the boiler; inspired by which silent oracle, he was moved to give Joe various stealthy nudges with his elbow, as a parental reproof and gentle admonition to mind his own business and not make a fool of himself.
Among his letters was one which he perused with symptoms of unusual gratification, and then threw it across the table to me, with the admonition, -
"Mountain delivered of a Mouse", produces the moral of his fable in ridicule of pompous pretenders; and his Crow, when she drops her cheese, lets fall, as it were by accident, the strongest admonition against the power of flattery.
'The effect of this development is that da'wah messages now contain more abuses than constructive admonitions and glad tidings.
Admonitions are a low-level form of discipline in Missouri's system and are given in lieu of more formal disciplinary measures administered by the Missouri Supreme Court.
Pizzaro also argues his trial counsel rendered ineffective assistance by failing to object to those admonitions. We conclude Pizzaro has forfeited his due process argument based on his attorney's failure to object.
These are very simple admonitions especially suitable to read-aloud ("But if you get lost/In the ocean's vast tides/Take heart, my child/I'll be by your side.") and offer a seasonal appearance and themes as they provide gentle inspiration backed by a mother's love.
It brought new meaning to the admonitions of the nuns at my seventh-grade Catholic school dances to "leave room for the Holy Spirit."
NOTES FROM THE UNIVERSE: NEW PERSPECTIVES FROM AN OLD FRIEND offers a host of admonitions and reminders on how to have the life you desire and how to handle coincidences and serendipities.
The tenets of Khmer Buddhism included, for a time, admonitions to behave morally during the occupation and colonization of Cambodia, whether or not this was a correct representation of practice.
HALF FULL is more than just another book of admonitions: it offers up a series of 42 photos of everyday objects which incorporate elements of the extraordinary, inviting readers to take the time to look and make these discoveries.
I simply drew the logical conclusion of the Pope's admonitions for the ordinary citizen.
Yes, he is as sexy as you thought."), maternal admonitions ("Think of your imagination as a muscle that needs to be plump with health.
I cried loudly so teddy was restored to me - with admonitions "not to be a baby", "only a bit of fun" - it made me remember that gun on the tank very well indeed.
In the Qur'an itself, there are over two hundred admonitions against injustice and no less than one hundred expressions embodying the notion of justice.