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Synonyms for admonish



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Synonyms for admonish

to notify (someone) of imminent danger or risk

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Synonyms for admonish

admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior

warn strongly

Related Words

take to task

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"There's a reason why we do these admonishments. The motion to withdraw the plea of guilty is denied."
Florida Bar Discipline Statistics Annual Average (FY 2008-13) Cases Opened 7,591 Disbarments 80 Suspensions 142 Felony Suspensions 21 Public Reprimands 40 Admonishments 41 Probation 40 Orders of Diversion 112
Admonishments of this kind are found in virtually every culture throughout recorded history.
The tone of the essays ranges from serious expositions of Nietzschean over-men and Aristotelian virtue to eloquently crass admonishments to "stop snitching, screw the system." The contributors are mostly American philosophy professors, or recent philosophy graduates.
craggy lumps, no mouths left to speak whatever wisdom or admonishments
Also, two managers in the IT department received so-called "strict admonishments".
A group of senior diplomats will hold another round of talks in Jerusalem and Ramallah.Israeli sources report that officials in both Jerusalem and Ramallah said yesterday the Palestinian Authority leadership was determined to eschew Netanyahu's admonishments and pursue a UN vote on statehood.
The temptation for many must surely be to throw them out on the streets if the first few admonishments fail to have any effect.
DESPITE repeated admonishments by the auditor-general, the telecommunications authority (CyTA) continues to give generous bonuses to employees who choose to retire early, lawmakers heard yesterday.
Despite Sol's admonishments, Ernst revels in making the bird its own carousel and playing with it in the falling snow.
It also contains six admonishments to homosexuals, and 362 to heterosexuals.
Religious leaders always need a scapegoat on whom to cast their biblical admonishments and punishments.
Commander Stace added that Tarrant would restrict his angry tirades to a professional style, meaning that he did not use swear words in his admonishments. He added: "There were a good number of shortcomings, and he had a significant challenge of getting Talent back to sea, the way he dealt with that was to be very angry with the individual."
Admonishments from security staff for people to remain seated fell on increasingly deaf ears but in reality the first half was just a teaser.
It is interesting to note that the Bible contains six admonishments to homosexuals and 362 to heterosexuals.