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Synonyms for admonishment

words expressive of strong disapproval

advice to beware, as of a person or thing

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Synonyms for admonishment

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The admonishment would require a resolution of the House which, if passed, "should be communicated to Mr Cummings by the Clerk of the House", the committee said in its report.
One possible sanction would have been an admonishment, but Mr Kyle said: "There is no evidence that an admonishment would cause Mrs Lloyd to reflect upon her competence, skills or knowledge or would lead to any future improvement."
In the statement which she personally signed, Iyabo charged the Nigerian government to avail itself of the advice and admonishment of 'one of the most brilliant leaders to ever emerge in modern Africa' than resurrecting unconnected issues.
The Government announced it will haul the bosses of the five big lenders into the Department of Finance this week for a dressing down which the Taoiseach Leo Varadkar had teed up as "an admonishment".
Last month, Guterres questioned Trump's decision to withdraw from the landmark Paris climate change accord in a rare public admonishment.
So when the choice or the admonishment can be communicated from a place of love and concern, it should be, even if it makes one or both parties uncomfortable.
It's one thing to say that such is needed; but Britton goes beyond admonishment to consider the specifics of what constitutes good or bad design solutions, showing how to apply engineering-style design analysis to plan for superior results.
Anyone contacting the Care Council about Mrs Al-Mufti's registration during that time will be told she has an admonishment.
I read the opinion of the Mail's Andy Richards and his admonishment of West Midlands Police for lack of progress in its half-hearted approach to fully investigating new, and what's left of old, evidence.
As it has been doing, the FCC issued an admonishment to the station and did not include a monetary penalty.
Following his wifeAEs admonishment that he speak to his children about odeepero topics than Star Wars, John C.
(7) Admonishment. An admonishment for minor misconduct is the lowest form of discipline.
The admonishment, which was issued October 4, was meant as a warning to Tabor that if he continued to perform only traditional weddings, he could be charged with discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation.
Mizuho Financial Group (NYSE: MFG) of Japan has declined an award it was due to receive, following the Financial Services Agency's admonishment of the bank for lending money to the 'yakuza' or gangster clans.
Dan Pagis made a distinction within this genre between two contrasting conceptual positions that give rise to two groups of poems, "dark poems of fate" that speak about man's futile existence and make no mention of consoling ideas such as an afterlife and the soul's immortality, and "poems of admonishment and faith," that also proclaim the vanity of human existence but also raise the possibility of escape, by adhering to the path of morality and faith, that holds out the promise of everlasting life for the soul (233).