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Synonyms for admonish



Synonyms for admonish

to notify (someone) of imminent danger or risk

Synonyms for admonish

admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior

warn strongly

Related Words

take to task

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A TV news jockey warns about ozone depletion, and a spotlighted Statue of Liberty replica atop the nearby Liberty Storage warehouse admonishes us to get out and live life instead of just watching it pass by.
David, you're overreacting,'' his loyal(-ish) colleague Lisa (Sarah Paulson) admonishes him - remove the ``re,'' and she's nailed it exactly.
Lester's narrative is alternately told through the eyes of Moses' older sister, Almah, who has left her family and tradition to become a dancer for the priestess Hathor; his birth mother, Yocheved, who constantly admonishes Moses to return to his people and culture; and Pharaoh's daughter, Batya, who saved him from death when he was a baby.
In one of my favorite moments, the sweetly prissy but shoot-from-the-hip chef, Ted, admonishes Hudson and the stiff-lipped captain for their trickle-down disunity.
Don't rely on all the experts,'' he admonishes parents.
Teacher Gao admonishes Wei Minzhi to keep the remaining students in class.
she admonishes a young woman in one of the front rows at the Henry Fonda Theatre.
Donahue, left, admonishes Bo, Chris Ellis, in the Young Artists Ensemble production of ``Bus Stop.