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Synonyms for admonish



Synonyms for admonish

to notify (someone) of imminent danger or risk

Synonyms for admonish

admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior

warn strongly

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take to task

References in classic literature ?
The Indian chief paused another moment to consider the signs of the contest, which was now rolling rapidly up the ascent, a certain evidence that the Delawares triumphed; nor did he actually quit the place until admonished of the proximity of his friends, as well as enemies, by the bullets of the former, which began to patter among the dried leaves on the ground, like the bits of falling hail which precede the bursting of the tempest.
Heyward rashly imitated his example, though both were, a moment afterward, admonished of his madness by hearing the bellowing of a piece, that the Hurons found time to discharge down the passage in the rocks, the bullet from which even gave the young Mohican a slight wound.
Caratach, in Fletcher's Bonduca, when admonished to inquire the mind of the god Audate, replies,--
Out of the 120 cases decided, 99 were dismissed, eight admonished, benefits of two judges were forfeited, one was dismissed from the service, 10 were reprimanded and three were suspended.
A Coatbridge man was admonished in court after being caught with cocaine.
A man who launched a traffic cone through a living room window during a domestic argument has been admonished.
A number of television stations have been admonished for a fleeting reference to a website during a children's program -- but in the unfortunate case of KSBY-TV San Luis Obispo, there was more to the story.
China's Outgoing Head of State Hu Jintao Admonished His Ruling Communist Party to Combat Official Corruption That Has Stoked Public Anger, as He Prepares to Hand Over Power After a Decade in Office
So come on girls, have a go at the young studs who quite rightly should be admonished, but cut us old boys a bit of slack, I'm trying.
A day after the White House and even fellow Republicans admonished Gov.
1 : to criticize or warn gently but seriously <The principal admonished a student for talking.
admonished by the AICPA and the Wisconsin Institute of CPAs, effective Jan.
Iain Ramsay, who spent a weekend in custody in uniform, was admonished after a court heard it would allow him to keep his post at Perth Prison.
Purim is all about feasting, drinking -- responsibly, Offel admonished -- and celebrating in a wild and crazy way for one day.
One of the most deeply religious men that I know has been admonished by the bishop of Toronto for participating in a same-sex marriage and as a result his licence to perform marriages in the diocese of Toronto has been suspended.