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Synonyms for admonish



Synonyms for admonish

to notify (someone) of imminent danger or risk

Synonyms for admonish

admonish or counsel in terms of someone's behavior

warn strongly

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take to task

References in classic literature ?
The Indian chief paused another moment to consider the signs of the contest, which was now rolling rapidly up the ascent, a certain evidence that the Delawares triumphed; nor did he actually quit the place until admonished of the proximity of his friends, as well as enemies, by the bullets of the former, which began to patter among the dried leaves on the ground, like the bits of falling hail which precede the bursting of the tempest.
Heyward rashly imitated his example, though both were, a moment afterward, admonished of his madness by hearing the bellowing of a piece, that the Hurons found time to discharge down the passage in the rocks, the bullet from which even gave the young Mohican a slight wound.
Caratach, in Fletcher's Bonduca, when admonished to inquire the mind of the god Audate, replies,--
21 judges fined, suspended in six months Lucas Bersamin !-- -- Evelyn Macairan (The Philippine Star) - September 5, 2019 - 12:00am MANILA, Philippines Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin disclosed yesterday that 21 judges were fined and suspended while 94 employees of lower courts were dismissed from the service or admonished for various misdeeds and offenses from January to June this year.
From January to June, the Supreme Court has suspended, reprimanded or admonished 21 judges, Chief Justice Lucas Bersamin said Wednesday.
Speaking at the program marking the closing ceremony, Deputy Foreign Minister for Administration Mawaine Diggs admonished the graduates to utilize the knowledge acquired to effectively discharge their duties at assigned areas.
A sheriff has admonished a foulmouthed man who behaved in a threatening and abusive manner towards his partner.
The ADP chairman further admonished the CBN to jettison its policy of 'managed-float exchange rate' and allow Naira to find its level as being espoused by the IMF and other international financial bodies.
Imtiaz Hussain s/o Gulzar Ahmad, a labourer of Fatehpur Sharif, had admonished suspects: Babu, Hasnain, Zain, Afzal, Haidri and others for consuming liquor in the street.
A man who behaved aggressively to his partner at his Callander home was this week admonished.
The request came a day after the minister chaired a meeting of officials where he reportedly admonished them for telling 'stories' about the department's better performance.
He told the police that his wife killed his daughter when he admonished her (Faiqa) for not taking care of Maryam.
Commenting over his visit to the Larkana district courts, Chief Justice Nisar clarified that he had admonished Additional District and Session Judge Gul Zameer Solangi because he had decided only two bail applications till then and orders were yet to be dictated in the cases.
But we know this much: Ryan's office complained to Conroy about a prayer he offered on the House floor during the tax overhaul debate that those who "continue to struggle" in American would not be made "losers under new tax laws." Ryan admonished the priest after the Nov.