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to put together into one mass so that the constituent parts are more or less homogeneous

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Any application to create an admix embryo will need a Government licence and scientists will need to show that "no other route of research will enable the development of the science to understand the development of the treatment".
RESEARCHERS say admix embryos may help to develop cures for diseases such as Parkinson's and Alzheimer's
While the company began at a small office complex in Londonderry, Admix is now located in a 25,000-square-foot facility on Abbey Road.
ButMrCameron is in favour of the use of admix embryos.
For the Tories, Mark Simmonds said he did not agree admix embryos showed no prospect of providing solutions to the "very real problems that exist" to find cures for debilitating diseases.
At Admix, we design high performance mixing systems for sanitary processing and wetting out powders into liquids.
Admix was one of the first suppliers to offer an all stainless portable mixer, and our Rotomixx has become a leader in the industry.
A cornishman with just the right Celtic admix of toughness, sensitivity, intelligence and awkwardness, he was the right man to fight an impossible war.
The executive team is taking all of the necessary steps to be the leader in specialty drug, compounding and admix delivery.
The "Find Your Mixer" tabs provide easy navigation allowing you to search by ingredient, application, and industry or by Admix tradenames.
Once connected to the batching control system it operates as an admix, with a start signal and feedback from each bag dispensed, allowing the number of bags to be proportioned to the batch size--one bag per yard of concrete, for example.
Admix recently acquired the Boston Shearpump[R] line of sanitary in-line wet mills & homogenizers.
The work to be carried out consists of Signing, Traffic Management and Control, Quality Management, 16mm Aggregate Production, 16mm Admix Design, Adjust existing utilities, Supply Asphalt Cement with Antistrip, Supply HIPR Rejuventating Agent, Hot-In-Place Recycled Pavement with Admix, Supply and Apply Joint Sealant, Pavement Markings, Site Cleanup and Restoration.
The merger of Boston Shearpump products within the Admix organization will allow us the opportunity to substantially expand our capabilities to better serve our customers," stated Hans Copek, technical director of the Boston Shearpump line.
Admix has been a leader in personal care and cosmetic formulating since 1989.