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Synonyms for admittedly

it must be admitted


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Synonyms for admittedly

as acknowledged

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References in classic literature ?
"Oh, not admittedly. I knew it--but the master didn't."
'Ginagawa naman namin pero admittedly mahirap talaga-mahirap in the sense na walang resources iyong Otso Diretso (We are doing everything we can but admittedly it is hard because Otso Diretso does not have the resources),' Robredo said.
"Admittedly, Dublin won the game comfortably but all the same it wasn't all negative for us by any means," stressed Furlong, who has been lining out for his county since 2008.
This occurred yesterday, July 23rd--the anniversary of the 1952 revolution which turned Egypt into a republic (admittedly, a republic in name only).
From the ages of 14/15 we worked, served in the Armed Forces (admittedly the younger ones did not), then worked and contributed to the tax system to secure our future until 65-plus.
The book's first chapter takes a general look at these tours and what they meant, especially to the women who travelled although they were admittedly a small minority.
It's all organic by default than design admittedly, as I am more of a disciple of locally grown than organically grown though if you can manage both then that's even better!
What a disservice Gun Dog has done to vizslas and ethical vizsla breeders in the United States with the article "Another Look at the Vizsla." You print an article by Dave Carty, who is admittedly biased against vizslas and seems to have an epiphany about the breed after seeing a couple of dogs owned by a man who is admittedly biased against U.S.-bred vizslas.
Summary: There is no doubt that MapmyIndia has some of the best maps, but Rs 2,490 for the software is a bit pricey, considering Google Maps (far from perfect, admittedly) is free.
Admittedly, it's hard to take some of the characters seriously.
Admittedly, I often felt I knew more about Peter than I did Abbey through the loved-up Scouser's references to him (did you know his gran makes a great fish pie?), but Hell's Kitchen has given the Scouser a great platform on which to build on her success in Britain's Next Top Model and her hilarious follow-up with Janice Dickinson.
Not the most common dilemma admittedly, but it should hopefully be enough to impress your pals with.
Admittedly, Webb had long been on the lookout for an escape from the intolerable conditions in which he was forced to live during his stint as Consul, yet his eventual choice indicates his ideological priorities.
The battles of Iuka and Corinth admittedly weren't the most significant conflicts of the Civil War, and truth to tell even most historians would have to pause for a moment before recalling them.
Admittedly, when not using their mother tongue, it is reasonable to expect the odd metaphor to get lost in translation.