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Synonyms for admission

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Synonyms for admission

the state of being allowed entry

the right to enter or make use of

the act of admitting to something

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Synonyms for admission

the act of admitting someone to enter

an acknowledgment of the truth of something

the right to enter

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References in classic literature ?
We grew up, and with our growth grew the love between us, so that the father of Luscinda felt bound for propriety's sake to refuse me admission to his house, in this perhaps imitating the parents of that Thisbe so celebrated by the poets, and this refusal but added love to love and flame to flame; for though they enforced silence upon our tongues they could not impose it upon our pens, which can make known the heart's secrets to a loved one more freely than tongues; for many a time the presence of the object of love shakes the firmest will and strikes dumb the boldest tongue.
For the problem is this: we know by what way the assassin gained admission,--he entered by the door and hid himself under the bed, awaiting Mademoiselle Stangerson.
Rising at five o'clock next morning, I took a walk about the village: none of the houses were strolling about to-day, but it was early for them yet, perhaps: and then amused myself by lounging in a kind of farm-yard behind the tavern, of which the leading features were, a strange jumble of rough sheds for stables; a rude colonnade, built as a cool place of summer resort; a deep well; a great earthen mound for keeping vegetables in, in winter time; and a pigeon-house, whose little apertures looked, as they do in all pigeon-houses, very much too small for the admission of the plump and swelling-breasted birds who were strutting about it, though they tried to get in never so hard.
Between them was a kind of well, or unglazed skylight, for the admission of light and air into the lobby, which might be some eighteen or twenty feet below.
Candidates could apply for admission only through Online.
He said the extension of date in the admission test had been granted on the basis of the undertaking by all the admitting universities that no further extension would be sought and they would strictly abide by the central schedule issued by the PMDC.
Earlier they were given along with Punjab, KP and Federal universities August 25, 2019 as date for the admission tests.
[USPRwire, Tue Jul 23 2019] Continuous developments in ticket admission systems and shift towards automated buildings is driving the global ticket admission systems market.
[ClickPress, Tue Jul 23 2019] Continuous developments in ticket admission systems and shift towards automated buildings is driving the global ticket admission systems market.
OUTCOMES TOP 5 Macmillan All Saints Stokelsey Academy 2 Academy School 1 3 Authority: Middlesbrough Religion: N/A Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed Authority: Stockton-on-Tees Religion: Church of England Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed Authority: North Yorkshire Religion: N/A Admission: Comprehensive Gender: Mixed .....
Number of parents expressed their grievances as the government institutions are refusing children the admission in prep class.
The Board of Directors in its commitment to provide quality education to the children of Indian diaspora ensures that no child would be deprived of admission.
At present, there is no centralised or uniform admission policy for enrolment to either medical or non-medical universities.
Seoul National University will maintain its non-scheduled admission rate at 78.5 percent for the 2019 school year, the same as the year before.
The KU announcement made in a statement issued here added that the students would have to submit separate admission forms for merit-based admissions.