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Synonyms for admissible

Synonyms for admissible

capable of being accepted

capable of being allowed

Antonyms for admissible

deserving to be admitted


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The Federal Rules of Evidence sets out a scheme for determining the admissibility of hearsay that has as its unifying principle that for evidence to be admissibly for must be tested against two validating notions: reliability and necessity.
amp; CRIMINOLOGY 1, 5 (1986) (discussing general admissibly of behavioral science testimony in child sexual abuse prosecutions).
Their motives may diverge, but both men are engaged in a form of purgatorial self-exile, one in service to the future, the other, less admissibly, to the past.
The Pentagon is, admissibly, the most powerful institution in history.
If so, then Beauvoir shows us that women's emancipation involves psychological and emotional questions as well as historical ones, and that the emotions involved cover the whole range, the baser, violent sensations which exist in inevitable relation with those that are more admissibly 'pleasurable' or even just 'admissible.