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The gallant young Indian dandies at home on furlough-- immense dandies these--chained and moustached--driving in tearing cabs, the pillars of the theatres, living at West End hotels-- nevertheless admired Mrs.
What pleased her most of all was that she saw clearly what all the women admired more than anything was her having so many children, and such fine ones.
Catherine then ran directly upstairs, and watched Miss Thorpe's progress down the street from the drawing-room window; admired the graceful spirit of her walk, the fashionable air of her figure and dress; and felt grateful, as well she might, for the chance which had procured her such a friend.
Anne had always admired it; but admiring is not loving; and she loved this house of dreams so much.
Billy Graham, the renowned Christian evangelist who died at age 99 on Wednesday, holds the remarkable distinction of having appeared on Gallup's Top 10 "Most Admired Man" list 61 times, more than any other man since the annual listing began in 1948 -- and more than any woman has appeared on the companion Top 10 "Most Admired Woman" list.
Bank a World's Most Admired Company, recognizing several of U.
S President Barack Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton are the most admired people in the country, stated a survey.
Former President Barack Obama edged out President Donald Trump as America's most admired man, according to the results of an annual Gallup poll published Wednesday.
Global Banking News-December 11, 2015--Umpqua Bank named Oregon's 'Most Admired Financial Services Company'
JLL has been named to FORTUNE magazine's 2015 Most Admired Companies list.
Maharashtra, March 4 -- Bilcare, an innovation-led packaging solutions provider to pharmaceutical industry has been recognized as Admired 100 Brands & Leaders of Asia-2014-15 by VWP World Brands.
YouGov poll shows achievers who turn humanitarians are much more admired than world leaders.
In 1946, the Gallup polling organization began asking Americans which person "living today in any part of the world" they admired most.
Landmark received the award for the Most Admired Middle East Retailer of The Year, while Dubai Duty Free was awarded the Most Admired Marketing Campaign of The Year (Retail).
It builds on the success of Britain's Most Admired Companies survey, conducted by Birmingham City Business School for the past 23 years.