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The gallant young Indian dandies at home on furlough-- immense dandies these--chained and moustached--driving in tearing cabs, the pillars of the theatres, living at West End hotels-- nevertheless admired Mrs.
What pleased her most of all was that she saw clearly what all the women admired more than anything was her having so many children, and such fine ones.
"Not at all," said Maggie; "I like too well to feel that I am admired, but compliments never make me feel that."
Catherine then ran directly upstairs, and watched Miss Thorpe's progress down the street from the drawing-room window; admired the graceful spirit of her walk, the fashionable air of her figure and dress; and felt grateful, as well she might, for the chance which had procured her such a friend.
I am excessively fond of music, but without the smallest skill or right of judging of any body's performance.I have been used to hear her's admired; and I remember one proof of her being thought to play well:a man, a very musical man, and in love with another womanengaged to heron the point of marriage would yet never ask that other woman to sit down to the instrument, if the lady in question could sit down insteadnever seemed to like to hear one if he could hear the other.
Anne had always admired it; but admiring is not loving; and she loved this house of dreams so much.
Northern Foods is the food sector's representative at the tail end of the Most Admired list, although it has still climbed from 230th to 198th place.
Continental Airlines (NYSE: CAL) has been rated the top airline on FORTUNE magazine's annual airline industry list of 'Most Admired Global Companies'.
Venice is a self-conscious city built for display and there are more than 18 000 decorative balconies on the Grand Canal from which to admire Venice--or on which to be admired by people passing in boats.
Fourth was former England soccer captain David Beckham who was admired by nearly 12% of teens.
And while many admired his technical skill, more than a few also dismissed the work's reliance on the fantastical and/or pornographic as sophomoric, judging the works a little too slick for their own good and weirdly in thrall to the tropes they were ostensibly designed to interrogate.
Integrity is the foundation of success, say Dan Telford and Adrian Gostick, authors of Integrity Works: Strategies for Becoming a Trusted, Respected and Admired Leader (Gibbs Smith, publisher, April 2005).
Carlos Acosta is one of today's most stunning dancers, admired the world over for his firecracker, yet refined technique, for his riveting acting, and his careful, confident partnering.
Ferguson is rightly admired from all corners of the football world for his record.
The Anglican church, the one I once admired and loved, which was instrumental in my coming to Christ so many years ago, is fast going down the tubes.