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the branch of international law that deals with territorial and international waters or with shipping or with ocean fishery etc

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Uniformity is still a venerable goal of American Admiralty law,
In part, the increasing use of steamboats to transport people and goods in the early to mid-nineteenth century also supported the need to modify English admiralty law in the United States.
Furthermore, since the Commission delivered its Report and the Admiralty Act was enacted in Australia, the conceptual map of admiralty law has been dramatically redrawn by the highly controversial judgment of the House of Lords in The Indian Grace, (7) which appears to have stood some of the most tenderly held traditional admiralty beliefs on their heads.
72) Because the reservation is limited to the application of the Convention, however, "it does not [] affect general admiralty law of which salvage law is a part.
In setting aside the need to base its rulemaking on a recognizable source of law, the Court has made the "mess" (95) of admiralty law still more difficult to navigate.
87) In contrast, admiralty law distinguished further between accessories and principals: "but by the Law Marine, if the parties are known, they who gave the wound only shall be principals, and the rest accessories; and where they have cognizance of the principal, the Courts at Common Law will send them their accessory, if he comes before them.
Admiralty law is a specialized body of law that is generally not applicable to aviation, although there are some exceptions (such as when seaplanes are on the water, for example).
The Admiralty Law Section officers are Chair-Elect David Alan Abramson of Baton Rouge, Louisiana; Vice Chair and Newsletter Editor David Buzard of Norfolk, Virginia; Secretary James Jacobsen of Seattle; and Immediate Past Chair John deGravelles of Baton Rouge.
Vincent DeOrchis, a New York-based admiralty law attorney, said there was "some concern" that the decision might mean higher premiums for cargo insurance because of the inability of insurance companies to recover losses when they sue a subcontractor.
With his background in maritime law and interest in maritime history, it is not surprising that this judge became a leader in formulating admiralty law.
The owners of vessels and mortgagees had no dread of the firm grasp of a marshal or the power of the Admiralty Law.
23) The Alaska court went on to distinguish that case, basing its decision on the fact that it was decided before American Dredging had narrowly defined what constitutes a "characteristic feature" of admiralty law.
It really is a pretty abrupt turnaround to 300 years of traditional admiralty law," Ben Benson, owner of Sea Hunt, told the Associated Press.