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the branch of international law that deals with territorial and international waters or with shipping or with ocean fishery etc

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Justice Wayne asserted that the exercise of separate admiralty jurisdiction, and therefore varying principles of admiralty law, by individual states under the Articles of Confederation created "difficulties.
Nevertheless it argues that, in the wake of the Miles saga, the admiralty courts appear willing to reclaim their healthy role in making admiralty law free from mirages of nonexistent congressional mandates or occupation of admiralty waters.
Add in the specialized Admiralty Law that governs maritime issues, sometimes making claims more complex than usual, and even the most versatile of agents may think twice about getting involved.
Maritime rules that lend uniformity to the body of admiralty law must still rest upon the basis of extant authorities, and Exxon Shipping failed to locate an authority in federal or state law supportive of its rulemaking approach.
Kathiravel is a barrister qualified in England and Singapore and, prior to joining North of England in 1996, worked for Singapore lawyers Drew & Napier specialising in shipping and admiralty law.
Rountree is a member of the North Carolina, Arizona and American Bar Associations; proctor member of the Maritime Law Association of the United States; charter member of the Southeastern Admiralty Law Institute, serving as chairman in 1991; and chairman of the Admiralty Rules Committee of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina.
The Admiralty Law Section is especially relevant to its members because of the unique nature of the practice, said section Chair S.
Vincent DeOrchis, a New York-based admiralty law attorney, said there was "some concern" that the decision might mean higher premiums for cargo insurance because of the inability of insurance companies to recover losses when they sue a subcontractor.
With his background in maritime law and interest in maritime history, it is not surprising that this judge became a leader in formulating admiralty law.
The owners of vessels and mortgagees had no dread of the firm grasp of a marshal or the power of the Admiralty Law.
It really is a pretty abrupt turnaround to 300 years of traditional admiralty law," Ben Benson, owner of Sea Hunt, told the Associated Press.
law (administrative law, admiralty law, antitrust, etc.
But the wreck will be governed by admiralty law and the rights of salvage, meaning anyone can salvage it without the owner's permission.