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This gentleman told the company there was very little doubt that the Admiralty would immediately send out a steam-vessel, to meet the rescued men on the shores of America, and bring them home.
Will you write to your father, and ask him to try what his interest will do with his friends at the Admiralty?"
The governor's waiting down at the Admiralty for me.
Admiralty said Mr Merdle was a wonderful man, Treasury said he was a new power in the country, and would be able to buy up the whole House of Commons.
"Poor creatures!" said Athos, "who are going to be killed, in order that Monsieur de Bouillon may have his estate at Sedan restored to him, that the reversion of the admiralty may be given to the Duc de Beaufort, and that the coadjutor may be made a cardinal."
He said the Mass Transit Railway's Admiralty station, which is one of the ways to get to the Ocean Park, is closed during big protests.
'The completion of the sale was handled by the court-appointed stakeholder, and the sales bill was duly signed by the Admiralty Court Sheriff on April 24, 2019.
The cabinet on Monday approved a bill providing for the creation of commercial and admiralty courts, outgoing Justice Minister Ionas Nicolaou announced.
The Admiralty Law Committee continues to advance the practice of maritime law and foster continued learning through offering complimentary and well-attended seminars about recent developments and trends in this practice area.
Crawford has joined the firm's admiralty and maritime practice, and he will continue to serve the Mississippi Gulf Coast from his current office.
Summary: Sydney [Australia], Nov 22 (ANI): Australian Prime Minister Scott John Morrison on Thursday morning called on President Ramnath Kovind in Sydney before latter is given official military honours at Admiralty House by Governor-General of Australia Peter Cosgrove.
The United Filipino Seafarers (UFS) is appealing to the government to set up an Admiralty Court in the country, reiterating that having one would strengthen the maritime industry, prosecute corrupt maritime officials and prevent maritime disasters.
Spinner's boat, the Sunfish, has been impounded, but Will breaks it out, avoiding the Admiralty ships that give chase.
Bartlett III, a principal with Semmes, Bowen & Semmes, was named 2019 Best Lawyers in America's Lawyer of the Year for his admiralty and maritime law practice in Baltimore.