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in an admirable manner

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The Tankadere bore sail admirably, as she drew a great deal of water, and everything was prepared for high speed in case of a gale.
And the young girl jumped into the britzska, which was admirably arranged for sleeping in, without scarcely touching the step.
To all these questions there were answers admirably stated, and answers admitting no shade of doubt, since they were not a product of human thought, always liable to error, but were all the product of official activity.
In this way the journey, which was performed by short stages, was most agreeable, and Buckingham, almost a Frenchman from wit and education, was delighted at having so admirably selected his traveling companion.
We shall be admirably placed upon that little theatre.
Wendover, all is admirably done, the landscape naturally counting for a good deal in the development of the profoundly meditative, country-loving souls of Mrs.
As against the purely negative action of the scientific spirit, the high-pitched Grey, the theistic Elsmere, the "ritualistic priest," the quaint Methodist Fleming, both so admirably sketched, present [69] perhaps no unconquerable differences.
But it turned out that she had managed the business well; in fact, admirably.
Of all this silly set the one that shows the least and also the most sense is my rival Anselmo, for having so many other things to complain of, he only complains of separation, and to the accompaniment of a rebeck, which he plays admirably, he sings his complaints in verses that show his ingenuity.
A few farmers settled among them might lead them, Captain Bonneville thinks, to till the earth and cultivate grain; the country of the Skynses and Nez Perces is admirably adapted for the raising of cattle.
While Sacha is able to remain admirably eventempered about seeing the man who got a little too close to his wife Chrissie, another new arrival on Keller really makes him lose his cool.
I had the huge pleasure of meeting Hanagan at the Stud and Stable Staff Awards this week and can confidently predict that even if he rides the next 50 Classic winners and retains the jockeys' title for the next two decades he will remain an admirably modest, friendly guy, who loves what he is doing and will never be guilty of taking his success for granted.
The Somerset Courtyard by Marriott was built four years ago and has performed admirably," noted Miller.
Regretfully, I must bid adieu to Amber Hewins, who has served admirably as our publisher for the past two years here.
Alas, the Cardinals are going with the inexperienced rookie Anthony Reyes (USC) tonight, and he doesn't figure to acquit himself admirably against the Tigers.