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admirable excellence

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While the strength of these reasons may even make it the case that you ought to admire the despicable and fear the turtle, they certainly do not bear on the admirableness or fearsomeness of the objects in question.
This means that, in principle, DAF is subject to the Wrong Kind of Reasons Problem, for it remains open, in principle, that we could generate a case that provides a consideration that bears on desert while obviously not bearing on, say, admirableness (or fearsomeness or blameworthiness, etc.).
The moral qualities of others have a particular significance that admirableness and fearsomeness lack.
(9) I call admirableness "less" moral but not nonmoral, since one might be admired for one's good deeds or character.
(6.) The writers she names as examples are "Machiavelli, Sir Francis Bacon, John Donne, Sir Thomas Browne, Doctor Samuel a special way different from the admirableness of Wordsworth or of Hawthorne."