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admirable excellence

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find some correlation between victim admirability and jurors'
Both increased victim admirability and increased crime seriousness
between increased victim admirability and juror capital sentencing
discussion of victim admirability, victim-family loss, and increased
perceptions about victims' admirability, which might indirectly
finding that greater victim admirability can lead decision makers to
Slote argues that "a positive ethics based solely on our intuitive idea about admirability and virtue-status ...
Slote admits that his theory says "nothing explicitly about what considerations make for admirability and how they combine into overall judgements of admirability" (p.
But this no more affects Mark's blameworthiness than the evil demon's threat affects an object's admirability. Or it may be unfair for me to blame Mary for neglecting her duty to go to the movies, for if I had been in the same circumstances, I would have done the very same thing.
after VIE was allowed, juror perception of victim admirability increased
In contrast, virtue ethics might involve elevation, understanding the good of individuals in terms of the "higher" notion of admirability (though Slote suggests that such an approach leads to some counter-intuitive results).
There seems, then, to be a deeply problematical tension within Aristotelian views between two aspects of perfection: admirability and actualization.
This is a very strange idea (stranger still if we interpret "perfection" to put the weight on admirability rather than actualization).
Perhaps, for instance, well-being consists partly in perfection understood not as admirability but as actualization--the fulfillment of one's capacities, say, where this does not entail moral virtue.