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the tiresome but essential details that must be taken care of and tasks that must be performed in running an organization

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There are many others with appointments, travel, and "administrivia" involved.
To control budget, drive operational efficiency and bring more legal work in-house, one of the first steps is to devise a strategy and tactics to reduce the burden of administrivia through technology-enabled and data-driven process enhancement.
Our time in community can get eaten away by administrivia, or it can be used to create meaningful dialogue, consistent recognition of good work, and constructive conversation about critical issues facing staff.
Pat continuously expressed her distress during the seminars about dealing with "administrivia." Tyler felt overwhelming pressured by tasks.
As technology improves the delivery of information, treasury staffs cut through "administrivia" and go right to the heart of adding value, Gorman reports.
The most immediate results of the alignment process will be more time on task as determined by the administrative team, and less attention given to administrivia and that which is immediate, but ultimately unimportant.
It is also a very good resource that will remind us about our core business--well removed from the overwhelming administrivia that has overtaken much of our working lives.
"So a lot of the underwriters themselves are performing what I call these administrivia tasks with the aid of technology," he says.
More than half the items were "administrivia," or events rather than skills or dispositions.
A lot of HR department staff and leaders choose to get so wrapped up in daily administrivia, and then get so bogged down and don't take the time to strategize, says Mike New, vice president of HR at Saint Michael's College (Vt.), a liberal arts school that supports about 500 employees and 2,200 students.
To manage the ensuing stress, desktop managers begin a pattern of behavior that focuses on administrivia, the practice of majoring on the minors.
Except, perhaps, in the largest and most lavishly staffed honors programs, the director (or dean) is going to be responsible for a significant load of "administrivia." Rooms need to be scheduled.
The dull droning of this approach is what one former manager at IBM affectionately called "administrivia."