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the tiresome but essential details that must be taken care of and tasks that must be performed in running an organization

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In particular, administrivia is made up of detail work, necessary but not sufficient for a successful, profitable organization.
Many of the mundane operations that once relegated the HR director to being a custodian of such administrivia as defined contribution and benefits administration, health ant welfare benefits, and relocation services can now be outsourced, freeing up time to concentrate on strategic functions, such as recruiting and retaining talent, training and development, organization design and execution.
On the one hand, we have the picture of the overworked, underpaid and undervalued victim principal hemmed in by administrivia and subject to sudden death accountabilities.
Your paperwork piles high, mountains of forms and reports and administrivia that hide the view if not the vision.
Dear Editor: While I sympathize with your column ("A Passage to India"), recommending that workers' comp insurers outsource their administrivia to India, I would respectfully point out that the major portion of comp costs are not administration, but the medical costs and associated impairment ratings and settlements derived from medical treatment.
Our goal is to eliminate administrivia and allow employers to be more strategic.