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One of the many consequences of this transformation was the internally return to traditional territorial administrative units, this is ruled by Law no.
Generally speaking, however, there has been little formal research into the placement and utilization of paraprofessionals in libraries as a whole or within particular administrative units.
Adamany said of the new system, "Every school and administrative unit will now be able to order supplies through e-commerce and expect delivery by the next day.
Friedman, 22, an Orthodox Jew from the West Bank settlement of Maale Adumim who was doing his military service in an administrative unit, was remanded in custody for 10 days.
Ludwig KrEnmer worked at the Commission of the European Community where he was in charge of an administrative unit 'environmental governance' in the Directorate General for the Environment.
PM Gilani said that people do not want a chief commissioner deputed to look after this area as an administrative unit.
Wright will oversee the administrative unit that will perform professional and staff services, such as marketing, advertising, materials management and engineering, for CNG's five local gas distribution companies and interstate gas pipeline.
9 (SUNA)- mining and prospecting operations carried out in four locations in Balula Mountains area of Wakara administrative unit of South Kordufan have revealed the existence of quantities of gold, iron and copper , according to the Executive Director of Wakar administrative unit.
Dave Wilson becomes District Manager, Grand Trunk District, at Pontiac, MI, a new administrative unit comprising virtually all CN lines in the U.
The new fully equipped facility is an integrated manufacturing, research and development, and administrative unit which is currently capable of producing 6 million HIV saliva kits per year.
This is the first time the Vatican's administrative unit, Treasures St.
Contract award: the establishment of framework agreement for the provision of prevention and combating slide and snow cover road network belonging to the territorial administrative unit in vrancea county winters: 2014 - 2015, 2015 - 2016, 2016-2017.
Some articles include modifying the institutional structure of the administrative uints through creating new positions such as a governorate secretary general and a director general of the administrative unit.
With Bottomline's help, Safeco now processes invoices electronically, in a central administrative unit.
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