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One of the many consequences of this transformation was the internally return to traditional territorial administrative units, this is ruled by Law no.
Generally speaking, however, there has been little formal research into the placement and utilization of paraprofessionals in libraries as a whole or within particular administrative units. Addressing the future role of the paraprofessional in technical services will necessarily involve speculation based on past indicators rather than extrapolation from a base of empirical research.
An administrative unit can be set up through an executive order only, he said.
The General Assembly of the holding company consists of a chairman and members of an administrative unit council and the decisions of the general assembly are to be ratified by the governor of the concerned province.
The deputy commissioner said that unless those union councils were treated as a separate administrative unit under the command of a dedicated officer, their social indicators, including gaps of anti-polio campaigns, would not improve.
Boma, a code name for southern Sudan lowest administrative unit, is a major location the Sudan People's Liberation Movement/Army (SPLM/A) controlled since 1985.
If PPP did not change its attitude towards Karachi then MQM-P would put the demand that Karachi to be made a separate administrative unit, warned Hassan.
'We don't want an administrative unit. Rather we want an independent federating unit.
Some articles include modifying the institutional structure of the administrative uints through creating new positions such as a governorate secretary general and a director general of the administrative unit.
These include a directly elected chief executive, technocratic cabinets, proportional representation (PR) and smaller administrative units. Thus, their reflection in the LG law is seen by some as a trial balloon for later attempts to introduce them at higher levels.
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