administrative law

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the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government

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The construction of European administrative law has boosted interest in comparative administrative law in the universities and opened the minds of most law scholars.
In this comment, I use Rapiscan as to illustrate how and why Canadian courts have lost their way in using administrative law to review government tendering.
Administrative law today confronts a conceptual choice similar to that faced by constitutional law in the wake of the New Deal: whether to treat fundamental constitutional change as exile or as evolution.
Effective immediately, David Gossett will serve as Chief of Staff, Ashley Boizelle will succeed Gossett, and Michael Carlson will succeed Boizelle as Deputy General Counsel for Administrative Law.
As a result, the section had to postpone the Pat Dore Administrative Law Conference, its biennial showcase event for continuing legal education.
Miller, a Southwestern University School of Law graduate, has been an administrative law judge since 2016 after serving as Cecil County deputy state's attorney.
"Today, we filed an appeal of the administrative law judge determination on our DNR Permit.
"We've had SOAH for 27 years, and we've never had a chief judge who took any type of formal action against one of their judges because of the way that they determined the facts," said Ron Beal, a Baylor Law School professor and administrative law expert.
THE YOUNG LAWYERS SECTIONS of the Florida Association for Women Lawyers, the Administrative Law Section of The Florida Bar, and the Tallahassee Women Lawyers, hosted "Girls Where They Are and Reaching for Higher Heights." This event encouraged girls from Nims Middle School in Tallahassee to become judges, attorneys, and elected officials, by visiting the Florida Senate and hosting a mock session; speaking with Chief Justice Jorge Labarga at the Supreme Court; participating in a mock trial at the Division of Administrative Hearings; and having lunch with First District Court of Appeal and Second Circuit judges and attorneys.
Chief Justice Maria Lourdes Sereno has designated a constitutional and administrative law expert as her spokesperson in the impeachment complaint filed against her in the House of Representatives.
For years, administrative law has been identified as the external review of agency action, primarily by courts.
In June 2015, an administrative law judge found that the SEC's Division of Enforcement failed to meet its burden in proving Robare's alleged violations, and dismissed the matter in its entirety.
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