administrative law

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the body of rules and regulations and orders and decisions created by administrative agencies of government

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She's an extraordinary lawyer with a wide range of experience in communications and administrative law and will be an asset to the Commission as it strives to bring digital opportunity to Americans nationwide.
He is the author of the Philippine Administrative Law and The Law of Public Officers.
Despite this history, judicial enforcement of the APA undermined internal administrative law and constrained its content by treating the agency's articulation of internal norms that bind agency actors as triggering external judicial enforcement.
Handbooks on that matter are hardly to be found (2) and rather focus on the framing of European Administrative Law (3) or on the need of a European legal education.
Another source of administrative law is executive orders.
She earned a certificate of Judicial Development in Administrative Law Adjudication Skills from the National Judicial College in 2011 and a bachelors degree from Howard University in 1985.
These events bring together five young lawyers (five years' experience or less) with an administrative law judge (ALJ), government attorney, and private practitioner (each with at least 10 years' experience) in an informal setting to discuss issues related to the practice of administrative law, and law in general.
District Judge Leigh Martin May ruled that the SEC's appointment of an in-house administrative law judge to preside over an insider trading case was "likely unconstitutional.
Administrative law commonly is defended as a new sort of power, a product of the 19th and 20th centuries that developed to deal with the problems of modern society in all of its complexity.
An administrative law judge has ordered the owner and operator of a chemical distribution facility in Roanoke, Va.
When law in America can be made by executive "pen and phone" alone — indeed, by a White House press release — we're faced starkly with a fundamental constitutional question: Is administrative law unlawful?
Washington, March 9 ( ANI ): The US Federal Aviation Administration is reportedly in disagreement over the decision by an administrative law judge to lift a six-year-old ban on the commercial use of small drones.
The delegation is composed of civil servants involved in the reform of administrative justice, academics, members of Parliaments, lawyers, and specialists of administrative law from the Central Asian countries.
The book's physical appearance suits its purpose well; it is well-designed to attract the primary target audience--students--who may be venturing nervously into the realm of administrative law for the first time.
Building upon a March 2010 conference on current issues in international administrative law jointly co-hosted by the World Bank Administrative Tribunal and the American Society of International Law on the occasion of the former's 30th anniversary, editor Elias (Executive Secretary, World Bank Administrative Tribunal) supplements papers from the conference with additional contributions on similar topics of interest.
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