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Her statement came hours after the Jammu and Kashmir government ordered the creation of a separate administrative division for Ladakh region.
477 designating Rey Raagas, chief of the BuCor's administrative division, as BuCor officer in charge, tasked to supervise all state penitentiaries, including New Bilibid Prison (NBP), in Muntinlupa City.
Capital Administrative Division and Cisco Pakistan signed an MoU through which public school teachers of Grade-VI and beyond in Islamabad will be offered technical training on Cisco's IT essentials to promote ICT and Digital Content Development for children in Public Sector Schools.
There were commanders of large Daesh armed groups operating in Iraq and Syria, as well as the head of a Sharia court in the so-called "Euphrates Province" - a large area straddling Iraq and Syria that Daesh has declared as an administrative division of its "Caliphate." (Cihan/Trend az)
The facilities for Hayakawa's administrative division have also significantly increased.
Historical accounts have it that this holiday was established to mark the universality of the transition of Macau from being a colony of Portugal to becoming a special administrative division of the People's Republic of China.
Nunavut is an administrative division of which country?
An etrap is a second-tier administrative division of modern Turkmenistan.
It instructed the Local Administration Minister to form a committee of legal experts to pay a field visit to the archipelago to make the appropriate administrative division of the province and submit the achievement report to the Cabinet in less than three months.
Completion of an administrative division and a garage for equipment for Sanbou Local Municipality at Markaz Deirout.
A key ingredient for such a goal is to make impossible the administrative division of the city, something that effectively destroys the internationally endorsed goal of two sovereign and independent states, Palestine and Israel, living side by side on the 1967 border." Link to the Fact Sheet
Administrative division of a country, achieved through legislation, is an element of the superstructure of cardinal importance, because the system brings the subsystems of state and local government, within politics and organize territorial, economic and social life of the nation.
The blaze is located at the meeting of the administrative division between Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Yambol regions.
114/2011 endorses the administrative division of the Sultanate and regulate the work of governors.
The three suspects were nabbed by police in the Shrigonda tehsil (administrative division), which borders Akole tehsil, in Ahmednagar district, where the crime took place.
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