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The Chinese and Portuguese representatives signed a Sino-Portuguese Joint Declaration in 1987, to make Macau a special administrative division of China.
An etrap is a second-tier administrative division of modern Turkmenistan.
It instructed the Local Administration Minister to form a committee of legal experts to pay a field visit to the archipelago to make the appropriate administrative division of the province and submit the achievement report to the Cabinet in less than three months.
Completion of an administrative division and a garage for equipment for Sanbou Local Municipality at Markaz Deirout.
A key ingredient for such a goal is to make impossible the administrative division of the city, something that effectively destroys the internationally endorsed goal of two sovereign and independent states, Palestine and Israel, living side by side on the 1967 border.
The Administrative Division of the High Court had no record of any appeal by WDP when the Echo contacted it yesterday and confirmed the last documentation related to August 21 last year.
The controversial decision issued by the Ministry of Business and Trade's Industrial Property Rights Office, thus the Administrative Division should be competent not the Civil Division, especially that Article 3/3 of the Law 7 of 2007 superseded Article 15/5 of Trade Mark Law no.
Administrative division of a country, achieved through legislation, is an element of the superstructure of cardinal importance, because the system brings the subsystems of state and local government, within politics and organize territorial, economic and social life of the nation.
The blaze is located at the meeting of the administrative division between Stara Zagora, Haskovo and Yambol regions.
114/2011 endorses the administrative division of the Sultanate and regulate the work of governors.
The ministry's administrative division is expected to take disciplinary action against Jha, a 2002 IAS topper, after an internal inquiry.
Sweden will go to polls tomorrow as elections in Sweden are held every four years to determine the makeup of the legislative bodies on the three levels of administrative division in the country.
The proposals deal with the restructuring of municipalities as well as the overall administrative division of the country, JANA reported.
The Ninth Administrative Division of the Court of Grievances in Jeddah issued a second order recently to cancel the suspension of the company's license and permit it to continue its services.
Solicitor Yvonne Hossack, acting for 106-year-old Louisa Watts and other residents of Underhill House in Bushbury, Wolverhampton, will approach the Administrative Division of the High Court over a crucial piece of evidence.
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