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Taking the opportunity I want to express gratitude to you for permanent assistance in the implementation of the programs being carried out in our administrative district, said Arthur Stepanyan.
Based on a Formative Scenario Analysis of the administrative district of Luneburg in Northern Germany, this transdisciplinary study develops several scenarios aiming at closing the local P cycle.
The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs decided to reject the asylum request, but the Afghan family lodged an appeal against this decision with the administrative district court.
For the purpose of making a determination under this paragraph, the total number of persons who according to the last general census, were for the time being resident in that administrative district shall be ascertained to the nearest 40,000 and
The purpose of this fund is to provide growth financing for young, promising nanotechnology companies in the administrative district of Perm.
Fazle Rabbi, head of the administrative district of Gazipur, about 40 kilometers north of Dhaka, around 11:45 a.
The contract also provides for a third school in the development, while the former agreement only sought two and an administrative district office.
The 80 Russians, led by Igor Balkashin, deputy district chief of the South Kuril administrative district, entered Nemuro port aboard the 334-ton Japanese passenger vessel Coral White.
Each year in the Ministry of Natural Resources' Timmins administrative district, which is actually smaller than the municipal boundaries of the city, there are 1,800 to 2,000 beaver trapped, 200 to 250 mink, more than 1,000 marten and 400 to 500 fox.
Robinson has a history of involvement in the Forest Products industry and in town affairs, having served on his town's budget committee and as a member of the school board for School Administrative District (SAD) #58 for many years.
Electronic auction: supply of voting booths to ensure the conduct of the election of the president of the russian federation on the territory of the northern administrative district of moscow.
of the Polling Station 9/03 in the Center Administrative District, a member of the Republican Party of Armenia Galust Sahakyan
2 of 1988, Census of Population and Housing 2011 and the geographical areas of each administrative district in the Northern Province.
local time Tuesday," administrative district chief Nisar Ahmad Popul said, Xinhua reported.
Electronic auction: works on the complex technical maintenance of buildings and adjacent territory located in the don region and the danilovsky district of the southern administrative district, and the central administrative district of moscow.
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