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Yesterday, LU also turned to the Administrative District Court, asking the court to make the Cabinet of Ministers to approve Indrikis Muiznieks as the University of Latvia rector.
22 of 1955 and include the reclaimed area of land known as "Port City Colombo" within the area of authority and the limits of the Administrative District of Colombo.
Furthermore, the main building of NADRA (National Database and Registration Authority), of the federal capital, provincial capitals, or of a particular district, should also be housed within the respective administrative district of that district.
Gizlitapa is a tall hill located in the administrative-territorial unit of Gizilkend administrative district of Imishli region.
The Office of Citizenship and Migration Affairs decided to reject the asylum request, but the Afghan family lodged an appeal against this decision with the administrative district court.
(a) One member for every 40,000 residents in that administrative district. For the purpose of making a determination under this paragraph, the total number of persons who according to the last general census, were for the time being resident in that administrative district shall be ascertained to the nearest 40,000 and
The purpose of this fund is to provide growth financing for young, promising nanotechnology companies in the administrative district of Perm.
Fazle Rabbi, head of the administrative district of Gazipur, about 40 kilometers north of Dhaka, around 11:45 a.m., the police said.
-NEATH is a town in its own right in the administrative district of Neath Port Talbot (Page 28, April 29).
All government schools in Kandy Administrative District will reopen on Monday (12), Central Province Chief Minister Sarath Ekanayke said.
2 of 1988, Census of Population and Housing 2011 and the geographical areas of each administrative district in the Northern Province.
Administrative District and Nor-Nork Administrative Districts No.
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