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The fact is that the state's administrative body in Egypt has unique characteristics, and surprising contradictions.
Alkan said judicial independence is a fundamental requirement for any state to have rule of law, adding that it is mandatory that an administrative body is being checked by an independent body -- the primary mechanism for judicial independence.
6million to the scheme, while PS800,000 has being provided by NIRDP though the administrative body Generating Rural Opportunities Within South Antrim.
The tribunal is an independent administrative body authorised to examine appeals against the decisions of the inland revenue department director.
The second edict deals with naming the relevant administrative body and the minister for societies, places of accommodations, cultural and social clubs for foreign communities which are established by private authorities and companies, as well as the private institutions including defining their scopes.
The Higher Islamic Council is the highest administrative body for the Sunnis sect.
Sudan, on the other hand, says it will not withdraw troops unless a set of conditions, including the formation of an administrative body and deployment of UN Ethiopian peacekeepers as agreed under a deal signed between Khartoum and Juba last year, are fully met.
Muscat: Inspector General of Police and Customs Hasan bin Mohsen Al Shoraiqi has issued a decision for constitution of an administrative body to curb trade in drugs and psychotropic
Wayne Iverson, who has hospital attending staff privileges, holds an MBA and is an expert in healthplan development, says, "The new law establishes an expensive new administrative body that has all the functions and operating costs of an HMO without the safeguards HMOs have under state and federal law.
administrative body of the National Union of Kuwaiti Students (NUKS), the
Carrefoursa also said that Sabanci Holding's Zeynel Korhan Bilek had been appointed as another board member upon Hayri Culhaci's leaving the company's administrative body.
In today's session, a majority of parliamentarians asked the administrative body to award Nawandesh with appreciation certificate.
Summary: i2 Jordan held an Iftar banquet for its employees on the 15th of August at the Bristol Hotel in the presence of the administrative body, department managers, and all i2 Jordan staff members.
Sydney, Jul 2 (ANI): The rejection of former Australian premier John Howard, as vice-president of the International Cricket Council has exposed a rift and could lead to an overhaul of procedures in cricket's top administrative body.
The Board of Bar Overseers, the state administrative body that investigates and evaluates complaints against lawyers, had notified Mr.
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