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  • verb

Synonyms for administrate

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to oversee the provision or execution of

Synonyms for administrate

work in an administrative capacity

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Regarding the Facebook pages, the statement said Salah was administrating pages related to human rights and freedom issues, while Ahmed supported the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood's regime.
The company already had experience administrating projects in Asuncion, Paraguay, and Cordoba, Argentina.
CHOICE Administrators[R], based in Orange, California, is the nation's leader in developing and administrating Employee Choice health benefit programs including CaliforniaChoice, CaliforniaChoice 51+ and Kaiser Permanente Choice Solution, its successful consumer-driven health care programs for small and mid-size groups, and Contractor's Choice[R], for employers on public works projects.
This summer, National Coal plans on opening a surface mine, a highwall mine, and an underground mine on its owned reserves in Tennessee and is administrating a number of infrastructure projects that will improve future opportunities.
Our clients are already accustomed to administrating many aspects of their retirement plans online, and we expect this latest innovation to further simplify their businesses.
After twenty years administrating networks, I can say that Subsentio is as good a company as there is to work with.
Administrating these new services, Ecora's Professional Services Organization is comprised of dedicated Ecora personnel with years of technology expertise and a worldwide network of Ecora certified consultants.
Covering the method for administrating large amounts of data being associated with a spatial/geographic entity, United States Patent No.
Develop new long-lasting transdermal patches capable of being applied to the skin while administrating the correct dosage of the prescribed drug, thus increasing patient compliance and convenience.
of Whitehorse, as consultant responsible for administrating financial management of the company's affairs.
The group is co-chaired by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST); the 2003 Administrating Organization is the International Code Council.
The challenge is that many companies are faced with the demands of ever shorter product lifecycles and lower budgets for producing and administrating electronic catalogs, yet meet the need for increasing numbers of different "target versions" in more and more languages.
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