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  • verb

Synonyms for administrate

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to oversee the provision or execution of

Synonyms for administrate

work in an administrative capacity

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Expresses its approval of the union of the Territory of Togoland under British administration with an independent Gold Coast and accordingly invites the Administrating Authority to take such steps as are necessary to this end;
But seated in his small office at the ranch's entrance, Richards' exasperated tone makes it clear he's administrating less and less these days.
HiQ International is to develop a system for administrating ENUM service which converts telephone numbers to Internet domain names.
How not to get drowned in administrating? How to avoid undeclared war among local schools?
The suite is designed to enhance dise Corporate by adding more power and flexibility for managing, maintaining and administrating communication products.
This changed abruptly when the UN took over administrating Bosnia-Herzegovina in 1995.
NATO has been administrating the airport - which has been used for both military and civilian flights - since June 1999 when an air war was conducted to prevent Yugoslav forces moving in on ethnic Albanians.
With so many IRS requirements surrounding planned giving instruments, it's no surprise that mistakes are made in establishing and administrating charitable trusts.
This would leverage existing IP technology to eliminate the provisioning and management challenges of administrating both Ethernet and Fibre Channel networks.
In his new position, he is responsible for administrating and monitoring Harvard's day-to-day field operations and overseeing all of the company's budget analysis and projections.
Other successes included King Edward College and Nuneaton Harrier Linsi Robinson, who won junior individual honours for her running exploits, Bulkington's Olympic swimmer Adam Whitehead, winner of the senior equivalent, and Nuneaton Swimming Club's Dee Reynolds, who took the top administrating award.
But the United Nations never recognized the annexation and still regards Portugal as the administrating power in the territory.
Nominet has been administrating domain names in the UK since the summer of 1996 and says that over 10,000 new registrations are made each made each month.
In these offices most of the 394 employees work; in the EDV suite with its data strong room, transferring the written word from paper to electronic media, cataloguing and administrating. With the idea of counteracting the health problems of sedentary work, a small keep-fit room has also been tucked in-between the offices.
During the seventies he was based at St Modan's High School in Stirling, handling adult education courses and administrating the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme.
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