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  • verb

Synonyms for administrate

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to oversee the provision or execution of

Synonyms for administrate

work in an administrative capacity

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ETAA companies have been requesting to administrate the entire Egyptian share of Haj visas for the past 20 years, as it lies under their jurisdictions according to a ruling issued by the Administrative Court.
According to Boutet, the deal with Harvard Management Company and the New Zealand Superannuation Fund, which administrates $20 billion to pre-fund New Zealand's baby boomers' pension, also appealed to the Canadian fund.
Together with the rest of the share portfolio, the employee bonus foundation administrates assets representing a market value, in January 2006, just over SEK 960 million.
National PEO administrates for its clients, the following essential services: Payroll Processing, Payroll Tax Filing, Worker's Compensation Insurance, Health Benefits (Group Medical and Dental Insurance), Employee Benefits Package (e.
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama also serves as the Medicare Part B carrier for the states of Georgia and Mississippi and administrates Part A Medicare for the states of Iowa and South Dakota.
Additionally, the company administrates and handles credit card transactions and offers financial services to its clients.
IH administrates some 125 public health centers with mental health units/facilities.
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