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  • verb

Synonyms for administrate

to have charge of (the affairs of others)

to oversee the provision or execution of

Synonyms for administrate

work in an administrative capacity

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During visit of District Headquarter Hospital Chaman, DC Qilla Abdullah Bashir Ahmed administrated polio drops in a children and started seven days anti-polio drive across the district.
Subsequently, the Federally Administrated Tribal Areas have been moving towards pure democracy and getting all kind of opportunities.
The Adviser informed the meeting that the federal government would extend all possible assistance to erstwhile Federally Administrated Tribal Areas to fulfill its needs and support the province of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa in its endeavors to work for the social and economic development of the merged districts of FATA.
Since the inevitable ban, Pakistani nationals were being administrated with anti-polio drops at all International Airports.
Bannu district's polio team incharge when contacted said that the affected boy had regularly been administrated polio drops but during the January 15 anti-polio drive his parents had refused to administrate him drops, citing his deteriorated health.
KARACHI -- Over 1.9 million children under the age of five years will be administrated polio drops during the six-day anti-polio campaign being launched in the metrAopolis on Monday, July 2.
The Anglicans of Sudan until now are administrated from Juba by the primate of the church the Most Revd Daniel Deng.
The Ministry of Interior announced on Tuesday that security forces managed to arrest a person who administrated a Facebook page called Egyptian Police through which he published false news, a statement issued on the ministry's Facebook page said.
Evidence showed that the mean times to peak concentrations for oral, sublingual, vaginal and rectal administrated misoprostol are about 8, 11, 20 and 100 min, respectively.
Pre- and post- tests were administrated on the target group and concurrent embedded mixed case study design was employed.
Karason's skin is blue because he administrated colloidal silver in large quantities to himself.
The capital is administrated by Epilepsy Namibia and has been made available to Eben in stages as required by his project.
Crescent has successfully administrated AA/EEO programs in New York, Washington D.C., Maryland, North Carolina and Florida areas.
The EDs were administrated to female rats in the postnatal days (PN) 39,53,57,68,78,92 and 118 that survive for 24 hours after the last dose.
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