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Synonyms for administrable

capable of being governed

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capable of being administered or managed

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As Greenawalt applies these principles, certain government defenses to establishment claims prove judicially unworkable (at least anecdotally)--either because they would make a rule more difficult to administer or because they are based on values that themselves do not easily translate into a judicially administrable standard.
El condon, como evidentemente lo entiende la Iglesia, es un sintoma, pero no solo de la perversion del amor, sino de una raiz mucho mas maligna: la tecnica, que es un medio corrompido del bien que, en nombre de las categorias cristianas de la salud y de la vida, ha hecho del hombre un objetivo institucionalizando, estandarizado y administrable para su propio bien.
The six reporting matrices discussed are: (1) observed scores on a particular administrable test form; (2) true scores on a particular administrable test form; (3) observed scores on a particular synthetic test form; (4) true scores on a particular synthetic test form; (5) point estimates on a latent variable scale; and (6) latent variable scales themselves.
The most we can say is that Congress intended the tax provisions to be both efficiently administrable and fair, and that this case reveals the tension that sometimes exists when Congress seeks to meet those twin aims.
The Fair Tax would be simple, inexpensive, understandable, administrable, visible, equitable and respectful of privacy rights.
Affirming what he called the "long and productive relationship" between the Treasury Deparment and the accounting profession, Samuels said, "I hope you'll continue to provide your thoughtful and balanced comments as we work to provide necessary and, I hope, user-friendly tax guidance that will make the laws administrable and workable for all.
The Z1 appliance product family also includes the 'Z1 SecureMail Gateway', which functions as a centrally administrable 'virtual post office' for large companies and organisations.
Fourniture d~une solution d~hbergement en Datacenter administrable et exploitable distance.
US-based Keryx Biopharmaceuticals has received a new patent for orally administrable forms of Zerenex prepared from ferric citrate having a BET active surface area greater than about 16sq m/g, from the US Patent and Trademark Office, it was reported yesterday.
Caracteristicas: Switch capa 2 administrable de 24 puertos 10/100 con Power over Ethernet, mas 2 puertos Gigabit RJ45 y dos puertos combo Gigabit RJ45/SFP.
During his government service, Eric was a true believer not only in sound policy, administrable rules, and taxpayer service, but in collaborative tax administration.
Hegt said that the Alternative Minimum Tax should be eliminated; that a more objective test needs to be implemented to determine whether workers are classified as employees or independent contractors; that objective, administrable tests relating to the capitalization, expensing and recovery of capitalized costs need to be developed; that capital gains rules need to be simplified; and that estimated tax safe harbors should be rationalized.
In Notice 2000-20, (19) however, the IRS announced that the proposed regulations are being reviewed "to determine if such regulations are administrable and provide rules that call for the appropriate recognition of foreign currency gain or loss.
The legislation also would make minor technical corrections and administrative changes, resulting in a provision that is fairer and more administrable.
US Patent Number 7,399,488 contains claims that cover orally administrable compositions comprising Collegium's proprietary micro-particle formulations.
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