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But what made the special arrangement unusual was the complete trust that clients reposed in the admen who, on account of their rigid orientation in multi-interest businesses, were so adept in marketing, corporate communication, just as they were at home in trading and distribution, as well as in tracking down consumer preferences and identifying public behavior.
Harris is one of Admen Partnership's long-standing clients with a relationship that spans 24 years.
As well as ads and admen, much thought is given to the theory or philosophy of advertising, everything from the adoption of the US idea of the USP or 'unique selling proposition' to the British idea of 'account planning' in which focus groups are consulted throughout the gestation of an advertising campaign to produce an audience-friendly-but-effective ad.
1 ADMEN MESS (Film director) 2 COME SOAK (Soul singer) 3 MAMMA'S BAA HUNT (Singer and actress of Zambian and Irish descent from Ireland) INITIALLY YOURS Which film, TV programme or musical number do these initials stand for?
KIWI rockers Steriogram broke big when hit single Walkie Talkie Man was used by the admen to back an iconic iPod commercial campaign back in 2004.
Crime shows like CSI and The Shield deliver the viewers admen crave.
In Selling the Dream (Praeger), Hood defends the art of advertising from the self-hating sloganeers, telemarketers, and admen who help create it.
Admen Hilton and Gibbons founded Britain's first social marketing company, called Good Business, in 1997.
Today the great accumulation of dead trees and litter, tinder-dry in many places from a protracted drought, constitutes a fire threat greater than anything the admen who were to invent Smokey Bear could possibly have conceived.
It is frankly nauseating that the slightest whiff of a cataclysm of some sort, be it natural or man-made,makes armies of creatives and assorted admen rub their hands with glee at the potential medals haul it represents.
The admen came up with the infamous 1997 "Demon Eyes" poster that featured a satanic Tony Blair.
No wonder ITV's admen adore him - they have so much in common.
In May a study finding that such propaganda has not reduced teenagers' drug use prompted sniping between the drug warriors who commission the messages and the admen who create them.
Nevertheless, those were also the days when the best work was created by fearless admen and clients, both with balls the size of Montgolfiers.