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Synonyms for admeasurement

the act of distributing or the condition of being distributed

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Three groups of tadpoles were then kept there in containers of 29 x 10 x 11cm admeasurements with two liters water each.
But hereupon a fierce contest rose among them, concerning feet and inches; they cracked each other's sconces with their yard-sticks--the great skull echoed--and seizing that lucky chance, I quickly concluded my own admeasurements.
For the quantification of the admeasurements on the experimental path, are shall accomplished a number finite of measurements with a sufficient accuracy maintaining same conditions of measuring (Kenett, & Shelemayu ,1998).
168 to 169 pt, 171 & 173mumbai 400037 admeasurements carpet area 248 sq ft and super built up area 310 sq ft
C 5 and construction thereon in the butibori industrial area situated at village limits of pohi and outside the limit of nagpur municipal corporation in rural area, taluka and registration sub district hingna and registration district nagpur containing by admeasurements 5650.