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Synonyms for admeasurement

the act of distributing or the condition of being distributed

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But hereupon a fierce contest rose among them, concerning feet and inches; they cracked each other's sconces with their yard-sticks--the great skull echoed--and seizing that lucky chance, I quickly concluded my own admeasurements.
These admeasurements I now propose to set before you.
and I underwent a general admeasurement from those Gentlefolks--My Mothers fine home made Linen was deem'd too coarse, my Rich flower'd Cottons chosen by the Crony Amateurs of Carrick were deemd vulgar and unwearable--my new St John stays a horrible bore, and my Phillipian Pumps Abominable--In short I experienced the greatest Mortification while they dissected my Carrick finery of which I was not a little proud--Mrs Fleming immediately bought me two or three Morning Gowns--I was then deem'd decent to appear before my Dancing Master, my Drawing Master and my Music Master--Here I underwent fresh Mortification as they declared I was quite spoiled by my Country Teachers, and must unlearn all I had learn'd from the Carrick Brogueneers, as proud Mr Barnes the Musician call'd them.
the admeasurement of the recovery must be by reference alone to the quality of the wrongful act or omission, the degree of culpability involved in the doing of the act or omission .
For the quantification of the admeasurements on the experimental path, are shall accomplished a number finite of measurements with a sufficient accuracy maintaining same conditions of measuring (Kenett, & Shelemayu ,1998).