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the segment of the public that is easily influenced by mass media (chiefly British)

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Capital's expansion of needs has intensified feelings of deprivation for those on or below the satisfaction line drawn by Admass. The more toys cost, the more miserable becomes the family who cannot afford them.
The dominance of Admass now means that the prospects for our species would not necessarily improve if our numbers fell by half.
Second, Disneyland--here functioning as a privileged, because pioneering, topologically accessible, and even mappable, pars pro toto of the capitalist and especially US admass brainwash--is a "degenerated utopia" in two reinforcing ways, which I shall label transfer ideologizing and substitution commodifying (the analogy to Freud's account of dreamwork as removal and condensation, Verdichtung und Verschiebung, is striking).
Not, I firmly believe, if we are doing this as a link in an ongoing praxis culminating in action; if Rosa Luxemburg, in the midst of World War 1, before the admass efficiency, was possibly too optimistic in believing that "to speak the truth is already a revolution," we must inherit her optimism of knowledge and will, and say that to articulate a categorial hygiene is the precondition for any salvational revolution.
It's oddly Rabelaisian, with a Kurtness of Vonnegut--as if magic tricks and peasant cunning were still capable of subverting the greedhead warlocks and the banal surfeit and oppressive patterning of the admass media/consumer grid.