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Synonyms for adjuvant

an additive that enhances the effectiveness of medical treatment

Related Words

furnishing added support

enhancing the action of a medical treatment

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A Cochrane systematic review and meta-analysis of adjuvant trastuzumab has shown a clinically significant improvement in survival.
Both data on air assistance and data on adjuvant addition were used for an exploratory statistical analysis of distribution and frequency, as well as to perform meta-analyses by means of COMPREHENSIVE META-ANALYSIS (2014) software, in order to quantify the general average effect of the relative controls of each subject studied and its levels of significance.
Further incorporation of Bay R1005, a synthetic glycolipid analogue, endows the complex with the ability to stimulate both Th1-and Th2-type immunity, giving the QCDCR adjuvant a broad range of desirable immune enhancing characteristics (Dominowski et al.
The vaccine adjuvants market is expected to reach USD 769.
Surfactants are the most widely used and probably the most important of all adjuvants.
The company said Yervoy (ipilimumab) 10 mg/kg has been approved for the adjuvant treatment of patients with cutaneous melanoma with pathologic involvement of regional lymph nodes of more than 1 mm who have undergone complete resection including total lymphadenectomy.
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However, since the last update (2010) of this clinical practice guideline, emerging research from international randomized trials has demonstrated that women who continue adjuvant endocrine therapy for an additional 5 years have a modest gain in overall survival, as well as lower rates of recurrence and contralateral breast cancer, the panel noted.
In case of spray mixture containing foramsulfuron + iodosulfuron at reduced rate and MSO 2 oil adjuvant changes of DST during measurement were not observed.
This was a marked improvement over mice given the flu vaccine without an adjuvant or in formulations with other adjuvants.
On the basis of the initial trial results, the Canadian Genitourinary Radiation Oncology group published two consensus statements on the use of postoperative adjuvant and salvage radiotherapy in the Canadian Urological Association Journal (CUAJ).
According to the new molecular subclassification, basal like and Her-2 positive breast cancers have the worst outcome and these are the ones in which chemotherapy is a must as a part of adjuvant treatment.
In many cases, it is being found, vaccines work better if they take a chemical side-kick along, and researchers here from drug companies and universities mostly in Europe detail methods for assessing the activity of such adjuvant products.