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a general's adjutant

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A year later on 23 July 1962, Pearson pinned on a second star after being appointed The Adjutant General by Governor Jack R.
The meeting with the US delegation, led by Major General Brian Tarbet, Adjutant General of Utah's National Guard, touched on bilateral military cooperation, a statement by FAR's General Staff said.
In the middle of our conversation about human resources (HR), a fellow faculty member at the Army Command and General Staff College blurted out, "HR, personnelists, adjutant general [AG] .
Lt General Mans, who is the Army's recently appointed Adjutant General, will inspect the students from all over the UK and take the salute when they graduate from the college watched by the College's Commanding Officer, Lieutenant Colonel Steve O'Cock and members of staff.
The Lord Lieutenant for South Glamorgan, Dr Peter Beck, took the salute and the Band of the Adjutant General Corps entertained guests and spectators prior to and following the salute in the grounds of Cardiff Castle.
Rachael serves with HQ Adjutant General at Upavon in Wiltshire.
Randal Thomas, the Illinois Guard's adjutant general.
Robert French, deputy adjutant general of joint force headquarters, Pennsylvania National Guard, lamented the fact that the Guard is operating 40-year-old trucks for disaster response.
But three months after arriving home, the Adjutant General of West Virginia asked him to become commander of the state's first Air National Guard squadron.
The Adjutant General, Lieutenant General Freddie Viggers - the Army's principal personnel officer - said: "The British Army has taken these allegations extremely seriously and they have been extensively and sensitively examined.
House candidate Martha Rainville, the former adjutant general of the Vermont National Guard.
The MBE recognises his work in the Adjutant General Corps which specialises in personnel and administrative matters.
In his assignment to the Office of the Adjutant General Support Group in Sacramento, Antonovich also will use his extensive political contacts to help coordinate local, state and federal resources for homeland security.
Kulongoski, who took office in January, told Burgin in March he would not reappoint him as the Oregon National Guard's adjutant general, Glynn said.