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They work from an ideological bias that emphasizes the situational, adjustive, and normative approach to social problems and their resolutions, whether this be in the classroom and their resolutions, whether this be in the classroom, the street, or the home.
Interests are one manifestation of values and may be the cognitive representation of the need to guide actions; evaluate self and others; and serve adjustive, knowledge, and self-actualization functions.
Yet even if it rains cats, dogs and sundry other domestic animals I have all the ingredients of some fine automotive memories to stave off my incurable - and medically unrecognised - Seasonally Adjustive Disorder Syndrome (SADS).
286) The act of striking a balance is termed "adjustive activity" by Emmette Redford: "In the concept of administration as adjustive activity, administration is an extension of the political process of adjustment among interests.
In proposing a standard pattern in which groups tone down their extreme views as they seek to enter the mainstream, Shermer seems to see these changes mostly as adjustive and protective, whereas I think others could view them as welcome improvements.
In comparison, the clinical portion of the chiropractic college curriculum includes an average of 555 hours in adjustive techniques/spinal analysis.
Suicidal youngsters tend to doubt themselves and their capacity to cope with adjustive demands (Curran, 1986), frequently face problems they regard as beyond their control (Orbach, 1986), and often feel helpless (Peck, 1983).
Pregnancy is described as a developmental crisis, with new and increased emotional and adjustive tasks which confront the individual (Bibring and Valenstein, 1976), and the intense experience of pregnancy often exacerbating pre-existing conflicts of an unconscious nature.
Hospitals providing long-term care for the chronically ill and hospitals providing rehabilitation, restorative, and adjustive services to physically challenged or disabled people are included in this industry.
The systems of Kantor and Schiller share a concern for behavior, or interbehavior, as an adjustive, whole-organism bidirectional interaction of an organism in an environmental field.
Its adaptive significance is that it engages the organism in an ancillary, local activity precluding escape, and thus preserves current situational vectors so that continued contact with them can clarify whether it is adjustive to stay in the situation or leave (Falk, 1977, 1986).
Clum also points out that among other assessments x-rays were used to document the presence of a C-1 misalignment and the effectiveness of the adjustive procedure to realign the Atlas vertebra in study subjects.