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an accounting entry made at the end of an accounting period to allocate items between accounting periods

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New adjusting entry for the end of Year 3 (or beginning of Year 4):
Since S has only cash that is valued correctly, there is no adjusting entry needed for P's investment in S's account.
Under this standard, I wouldn't be permitted to make an adjusting entry.' That's not what was intended here.
An adjusting entry is necessary at December 31, 1998, to mark the swap to its fair value of $175,000.
In the new entry, I also enter a note explaining the reason for the adjusting entry and how the adjusted figures were determined.
If cost is less than or equal to the DMV, no adjusting entry is necessary; if the DMV is less than cost, a write-down of the inventory is required.
31 Adjusting entry for value of purchased feed on hand (32) 230 230 Dec.
Do they require an allowance for bad debts?" Each year, students must evaluate the client's response; propose an appropriate adjusting entry, if necessary (and defend it); and again explain the receivables presentation at the annual stockholders' meeting.
31 Adjusting entry to record change in accounts receivable (42) 3,500 3,500 1212 Feeder Livestock Inventory Purchased for Resale Date Description JE# Debits Credits Balance Beginning Balance 0 Dec.
Alternatively, if his accountant had recorded the $10,000 as dividend income, the following adjusting entry would be required: Dr.