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Synonyms for adjusted

altered to accommodate to certain requirements or bring into a proper relation


adjusted to demands of daily living

having achieved a comfortable relation with your environment

(especially of garments) having the fit or style adjusted

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'Pardon me,' said Mrs Wilfer, after the first salutations, and as soon as she had adjusted the handkerchief under her chin, and waved her gloved hands, 'to what am I indebted for this honour?'
The cyclically adjusted budget based on these trends and gaps is shown in table 3.
Adjusted EBITDA - Rose $1.0 million, or 2.8 percent higher than the 2018 second quarter, to $38.7 million, within the company's guidance of $38.6-$40.0 million.
GM's non-GAAP measures include earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT)-adjusted, presented net of noncontrolling interests, Core EBIT-adjusted, earnings per share (EPS)-dilutedadjusted, effective tax rate-adjusted (ETRadjusted), return on invested capital-adjusted (ROIC-adjusted) and adjusted automotive free cash flow.
Based on current market conditions which continue to underperform original expectations, the company now expects its Q2 adjusted operating ratio to approximate 97.5%, vs.
Global Banking News-September 18, 2018-Apogee Enterprises posts lower adjusted operating income of USD29.7m for Q2 fiscal 2019
Louisiana Sees 10-Month Increase in Not Seasonally Adjusted Nonfarm Jobs
Adjusted Net income (excluding deferred income tax and social contribution and special items) for the second quarter 2018 was USD 6.1 million, with Adjusted earnings per ADS of USD 0.03.
TORONTO: TD Bank Group announced its Fourth quarter earnings of $2.7 billion, up 18% on a reported basis and 11% on an adjusted basis compared with the same quarter last year.
has reported FNF Group (NYSE: FNF) adjusted net earnings of USD171 million in the third quarter 2015 compared to adjusted net earnings of USD144 million for the third quarter 2014.
The airline today said it carried 1 million passengers last month, and while that was lower than the 1.11m passengers recorded in June 2009, it was up 7.8% when adjusted for the number of days in the June accounting period this year and last year.
The possibilities include: a total discretionary trust, such as allowing trustees, within their discretion, to pay the income beneficiary trust income and/or trust principal; an inflation adjusted annuity trust; and a unitrust requiring fixed distribution of the trust corpus paid annually.
The broadest measure of economic growth, the rate of change in real (net of inflation) gross domestic product, accelerated from a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 1.3% in the final quarter of 2002 to 2.5% in the fast half of 2003 and 6.1% in the second half.
1.168(i)-4(b)(1) states that the depreciable basis in the change year is the lesser of the fair market value (FMV) or the adjusted depreciable basis at the time of conversion.
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