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an adjustable tool for gripping hexagonal nuts, with an adjustings crew in the head of the implement

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BAHCO ADJUSTABLE WRENCH Bahco is the producer of the world's first adjustable crescent-style wrench.
WEBSTER - A father and son are accused of threatening a neighbor with a large metal adjustable wrench and wooden baseball bat and taunts of "open his head" while the neighbor was pushing a baby carriage and walking alongside his wife after a trip to McDonald's.
Tools/Supplies Needed * Toilet Flush/Fill Valve * Adjustable Wrench * Pipe Wrench * Tongue and Groove Pliers * Ballcock * Flapper * Riser Tube * Penetrating Oil * Masking Tape * Wiping Cloths * Pliers * Wrench * Screwdriver * Flush Ball * Float * Sponge * Hacksaw * Hand Cleaner Project Margin Starter Cost Retail Gross Margin Toilet Flush/Fill Valve $4.
It's like the difference between an adjustable wrench and a torque wrench--both can tighten a bolt, but the torque wrench can tighten a bolt to exact specifications while the adjustable wrench can't.
Complete service can be accomplished with a single 3 by 4 ft adjustable wrench in less than 1.
After observing that 12-inch adjustable wrenches were regularly being tweaked to open wider to meet miners' demands, Rastall launched his own business in 1975 to create and sell a unique modified adjustable wrench.
The Fletcher Field Tool is a handy little set of tools consisting of a complete set of quality Allen-type wrenches, an adjustable wrench (crescent type), blade and Phillips screwdrivers, and a broadhead wrench machined in the back of the housing.
Inspired by the notion of power tools with built-in power sources, independent inventor John Picone of Oceanside, NY, designed a battery-powered adjustable wrench.
He set out in the early 1980s to design a battery-powered adjustable wrench.
The integral blowdown valve is a complete assembly which allows the user, with a 3/8" "open-ended" or adjustable wrench, to turn the valve stem to open the valve for blowdown.
A can of WD40 and an adjustable wrench saved the day, allowing the nose to extend to Mandelson length.
If you shoot a target scope, you are no stranger to the lock-down nuts on the scope rods, and hunters who use one of the Premier Series of arrow rests from Golden Key Futura will also enjoy having a small adjustable wrench handy when tuning the pitch of the arms on their arrow rest.
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Pooley reports a couple of other advantages with the Unbrako bolts: A hex head instead of a socket head makes it easy for a mechanic to change the pin using the adjustable wrench that is always carried in a back pocket.
Tighten both nuts with a 12-inch adjustable wrench (Figure 8).
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