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an adjustable tool for gripping hexagonal nuts, with an adjustings crew in the head of the implement

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3, are accused of threatening to commit a crime and assault with a dangerous weapon (metal adjustable wrench and wooden baseball bat).
One of the tools, an adjustable wrench, had a hinge that potentially could create this dust when the parts rubbed together.
Inspired by the notion of power tools with built-in power sources, independent inventor John Picone of Oceanside, NY, designed a battery-powered adjustable wrench.
Some of the selections made great sense, notably the logical plier choice and the six-inch adjustable wrench.
The integral blowdown valve is a complete assembly which allows the user, with a 3/8" "open-ended" or adjustable wrench, to turn the valve stem to open the valve for blowdown.
If you shoot a target scope, you are no stranger to the lock-down nuts on the scope rods, and hunters who use one of the Premier Series of arrow rests from Golden Key Futura will also enjoy having a small adjustable wrench handy when tuning the pitch of the arms on their arrow rest.
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Using an adjustable wrench, disconnect the supply line at the toilet.
Using a square shaft screwdriver enables you to use an adjustable wrench to break loose and turn out rusted-in or tough screws.
It is as if a single adjustable wrench could replace, and provide more applications than, a toolbox full of fixed-size socket wrenches.
Bahco, inventor of the original adjustable wrench, is the world leader in adjustable wrenches, ergonomics and cutting tools.
With the fog oil shut off, use your adjustable wrench to remove the strainer caps.
PC Louise Berry told Snaresbrook Crown Court an adjustable wrench and a blood-spattered jacket worn by the singer had been "disposed of" during the investigation.
Some had never used an adjustable wrench in their life, but were soon working with a band saw and a drill press.
First, we are thrilled with the ease of use of the 8" Automatic Adjustable Wrench ($29) from Black and Decker, Towson, Md.
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