adjustable spanner

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an adjustable tool for gripping hexagonal nuts, with an adjustings crew in the head of the implement

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Using an adjustable spanner, remove the body of the valve by turning in an anti-clockwise direction.
If you can't do this by hand use an adjustable spanner or pipe grips, but protect the chrome with a cloth.
Tenders are invited for Adjustable Spanner Set 5 Pcs Length / Capacity- 150 Mm/ 19 Mm, 200 Mm/ 26 Mm, 255 Mm/ 30 Mm, 300Mm/ 35 Mm, 380 Mm/ 43 Mm, Confirming To Is: 6144- 1984, Made Of Chrome Vanadium Steel, Steel Forged And Chrome Plated.
Unscrew the top plate (this has the hot/cold emblem on it) with fingers, pliers, or an adjustable spanner.
Ditto the bradawl, the wrench, the adjustable spanner, the dinky tub of drill bits, the drill.
30pm on Saturday armed with an adjustable spanner and a wheelbrace.
Unscrew the top plate (this most often has the hot/cold emblem on it) with your fingers - but watch your nails - pliers, or adjustable spanner.
Pull off the plastic shield of the lockshield valve at the other end and turn the square shaft clockwise with an adjustable spanner.
The jury was shown the monkey wrench or adjustable spanner, which is around a foot long and described as 'quite heavy'.
Then remove with an adjustable spanner as you would to replace a washer.
Tenders are invited for Set Of 02 Types Of Screw Adjustable Spanners- 1 Screw Adjustable Spanner 8 Inch- 7 Nos 2 Screw Adjustable Spanner 10 Inch- 01 Nos Of Make Taparia/Everest Only.
Practical all year round for hot or cold drinks, a stainless steel thermos flask costing pounds 18 could make the ideal gift for any motorist, while stocking fillers range from a stainless steel tool set with adjustable spanner at pounds 22 and a lightweight torch/penknife set at pounds 32 to a digital stopwatch for motor racing fans, priced at pounds 14.
A spokesman said: "We are looking for experts who are as smart with a lap-top computer as they are with an adjustable spanner.
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