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Synonyms for adjust

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Synonyms for adjust

to make or become suitable to a particular situation or use

to alter for proper functioning

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Synonyms for adjust

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* Adjusted Auto Free Cash Flow to approximately $4 billion
If it is, the pin must be replaced before you can adjust the valve.
Auto AdJust allows for creation of new revenue, by freeing up excess-buffered impressions and putting those impressions back into a publisher's general inventory.
Most of the major credit rating agencies say that their models already adjust the reported balance sheets for the full value of the pension's projected benefit obligation (PBO) or accumulated benefit obligation (ABO) liability, and either some or all of the value of the retiree medical accumulated postretirement benefit obligation (APBO) liability.
Once the first sighting shot is found on target, simply return the scope reticle back to the aiming point and, without moving the rifle, carefully adjust the reticle to bisect the bullet hole.
Under UPIA Section 104, a power to adjust allows the trustee to transfer amounts between trust income and principal, so that both classes of beneficiaries are allocated reasonable amounts of the total return (including both traditional income and capital appreciation) when a trust invests under the "prudent investor" rule.
Daub further explained that the FICA benefit is adjusted to affect the personal account cost, "with the long run accumulation's invested growth increasing the aggregate total benefit with the setting of some type of vesting rule, before which forfeiture occurs, and after which an estate-building inheritable balance could be paid to a named beneficiary."
By not having that allowance indexed across time he has been underpaid in non-inflation adjusted dollars by a little more than $76,000." He added: "The compounding effect has been that a faithful cleric or lay person serving in the house for the last 25 years has been underpaid by almost $100,000 in non-adjusted inflation dollars."
In separate studies, Derek Neal and William Johnson in 1996 and June O'Neill in 1990 found that most of the wage gap between black and white adults disappears once the data are adjusted to reflect their scores on the Armed Forces Qualifying Test; in other words, those adults with similar scores earned similar wages.
offices in Ipswich, Mass.) developed the new technology, which uses sliders on roller bearings to reduce friction and the amount of force needed to adjust the die gap.
When banks raise their prime interest rate, fixed rate cards adjust like variable-rate cards, only at less frequent intervals.
By contrast, the most dominant theme which emerged in the language of the teachers was the need to adjust to an altered work environment.
Multiple percentage adjustments should not be added together and then applied to adjust comparable sales.
If you also need to adjust the door from side to side, again loosen offthe large screw (as above) and then adjust the smaller screw at the front of the mounting plate accordingly.
Non-MR shock absorbers use engineered orifices to adjust the speed of the fluid inside the unit, and thus control ride motions along a predefined curve.