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ask for or request earnestly

command solemnly

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Thus is the game of words and arguments in which Jorge Camors locates us with his text, adjuring and reinventing the professionalization of those who, for decades, have committed their pedagogical everyday practice with the country's democratic life, in all its civic geographies.
To some degree, that is where Metcalf ends his essay, by adjuring his readers to avoid the dilution of craft's strengths and refuse to accept unthinkingly the simple equation of (only) modernist traits with art.
113: like some too conscientious governess, nagging at them, adjuring them,
Our trip may start by taking us through hills of sorrow, so harsh that as you climb your sight will almost vanish from pain of crying; it may thrust us into swamps of disgust, of hating our condition as unfair; it may push us across dry plains of frustration, in which angry shadows distract our will with shouts of anguish, adjuring us to abandon our hoping (and who can avoid hoping?
And this suspicion is confirmed in scene 13, where Bacon realizes that the use of his magic glass has resulted in the violent deaths of two young men, and reacts to this by breaking the glass, renouncing his "magic" and his "art" (79), with its "Conjuring and adjuring devils and fiends" (90), and telling Bungay, "I'll spend the remnant of my life / In pure devotion, praying to my God / That he would save what Bacon vainly lost" (106-8).
After adjuring the disciples to silence about his Messiahship and informing them that he, Jesus, the Son of Man, "must undergo great suffering, and be rejected by the elders, the chief priests, and the scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again" (8:30-31), Peter begins to "rebuke" Jesus (8:32), who returns the favor, rebuking Peter (8:33) and delivering his famous words about the necessity of taking up the cross and following (8:34).
The business metaphor appears once more, reversed, in "The Love Job," an essay adjuring women not to make romantic love the sole focus of their lives.
Here's how he responds when his adoptive father makes his nighttime oblations: "Even the air seemed still to excrete that monotonous voice as of someone talking in a dream, talking, adjuring, arguing with a Presence who could not even make a phantom indentation in an actual rug" (153-54).
However, there the similar adjuring context has the hekhalotic passage first, whereas here it follows at the end.
13) Maimonides further reveals his independent judgment in adjuring physicians:
Instead of giving ritual dignity to Old Fish's death, the enumeration resembles a recited variant of a Boy Scout oath, by the numbers, adjuring readers to subscribe to values presumably common to the seas' creatures and humankind.