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Synonyms for adjure

ask for or request earnestly

command solemnly

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29) Like Burney and Richardson, Costello refuses to rejoice; rather, in "Waterloo" she adjures a cheering home front to look at the fighting in Belgium through the eyes of the combatants:
Finally, Pringle adjures the world to put into place a wholly voluntary system wherein the supply of money would be self-regulating.
He adjures students to put themselves in the past, looking at the same literature, studying the same material, and learning to think like composers of the past.
In both poems he adjures Britain to return to the Catholic faith at home and to spread the gospel of Christ abroad more than it has done in the past.
At the end of the same review of Emma, Scott thus adjures writers of fiction: "It is by no means [the error of the young] to give the world or the good things of the world all for love; and before the authors of moral fiction couple Cupid indivisibly with calculating prudence, we would have them reflect, that they may sometimes lend their aid to substitute more mean, more sordid, and more selfish motives of conduct, for the romantic feelings which their predecessors perhaps fanned into too powerful a flame" (Southam 68).
Elsewhere he adjures Marcus not to allow philosophical striving for modesty to impede his striving to excel in eloquence, even if he should feel inordinately (read 'unsuitably for a philosopher') pleased with his own declamatory prowess (De Eloq.
Moreover, he adjures his own Timothy with the gravest supplication, saying: "I implore [you] before God and Christ Jesus, who shall judge the living and the dead, and by his coming and his kingdom, preach the word
Erasmus adjures Christian princes to "bear the image of Christ" (Complaint 56), "to hear and read that you are the likeness of God and his vicar, [and] not [to] swell with pride on this account, but rather let the fact make you all the more concerned to live up to that wonderful archetype of yours" (Education 22, my italics).
century European Court Regulation that adjures gentleman not to relieve
In an epilogue on patients' questions, he adjures seeking the reason the patient really came to the doctor, rather than just making diagnosis.