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Synonyms for adjure

ask for or request earnestly

command solemnly

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By the bones of the moldering dead at Masaya, at Rivas, and at Granada, I adjure you never to abandon the cause of Nicaragua.
Sources also described Naxals offer as "a ploy to regroup" and said Government was ready to talks only if they adjure violence.
Many passages in Christian scripture adjure believers to follow God rather than the state, says Miyata (emeritus law, Tohoku U.
4[:1-3]) Who would adjure another person--and that a brother and fellow-minister (4)--to such a degree with an awe-inspiring entreaty, by what reason in a similar instance should someone recoil from offering an oath?
The eleven stones are thus veritable dictionaries, set in granite, each with a different set of twenty words, conjuring ancient practices of recording knowledge on stone and the incantation of words in ritual spaces to adjure all kinds of supernatural forces.
adjure you by God, Aren't you aware of the fact that the Messenger
Very importantly, the omen does not control the event predicted, let alone cause it, so a human being cannot divert harm by trying to adjure or adapt the sign through, say, the offices of a dokun, belian, or enlisted spirit.
17) Fathers perhaps in these--or in the graves Beside them, which are stiller & more green I do adjure you by this sisterhood--And by those tender names of sire & child Lover & brother which worked & work (18) In the great name of country & by all Those majesties & sanctities of place Give me your ear & heart--Grant me yr voice (19) Do confirm my voice--lest it speak in vain (20) Do give your ear to me--your heart to me Do grant this confirmation of yr voice To my voice, that it may not speak in vain.
Second song Aisha is slower-paced and fails to ignite, but with The Hardest Thing To Do Adriana is back on form, sounding like classic Lisa Loeb, full of confessional adjure.
Because these epistles adjure obedience not only by wives but by slaves (or, as we might interpret today, employees and students) as well as by citizens to government and by children to parents, it may be that this was to counteract the kinds of misinterpretation of the gospel we have often seen, as if it abolished all temporal hierarchies.
Will Zinn adjure the American left to renounce its romantic attachment to the Abraham Lincoln Brigade, whose members surely believed a war in defense of Spanish loyalists was both just and necessary?
We urge the OECD to maintain its position on this critical point and adjure other member countries (including the United States) to follow suit.
I adjure the mice taken in this place, that you do me no injury yourself, nor suffer another to do it; for I give you the ground [the field or area]; but if I again take you on this spot I take the Mother of Gods to witness I will divide you into seven parts.
Comedians adjure you to buy defense bonds; romantic heroes, fluttering their eyelashes, urge you to die for the British empire.