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Synonyms for adjunction

an act of joining or adjoining things

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In the paper [32] we studied the adjunction between the category of monoids and the category of groups, given by the group completion of a monoid, from the point of view of categorical Galois theory.
By choosing, as domain of his poetical operations, the critical points of a nature completed by the adjunction of some idealized existences, Rimbaud, once more, behaves like a man of science, because the scientist--the mathematician in particular--in his subtlest researches, also proceeds by adding transcendental quantities to the given.
Nevertheless, the role of tamsulosin in adjunction with ESWL needs to be assessed more with a larger scale confirmative trial before final clinical recommendations can be made.
A decreased prevalence of atherosclerosis on postmortem examination has been associated with adjunction of polyunsaturated acids, especially alpha-linolenic acid, to the diet of psittacine birds.
By adjunction, we get the product in K0, then we use our knowledge of the pair QSym/NCSF and the Z-module duality to conclude.
Exclusion criteria were: incomprehensible language; when other drug(s) had been taken in adjunction with the methoxetamine (exception was made for tobacco); and when the account had been found previously in the data collection.
In addition, I assume that adjunction can occur to the right or to the left of the tree.
Among the topics are a new look at finitely generated metabelian groups, improving Latin square based secret sharing schemes, the adjunction of roots in exponential A-groups, the classification of one relator limit groups and the surface group, and an algorithm to express words as a product of conjugates of relators.
We have subjunction of {P;N} to {P} rather than adjunction as in (1).
24] A systematic review of the literature demonstrates that most trials examining combination therapy or testosterone alone suffer from methodological problems or report inconsistent results; these studies also show oral PDE-5 inhibitors may be enhanced by testosterone adjunction whenever necessary.
The modalities of emergence of the harm reduction theme on the cantonal parliamentary arena altered its properties by the adjunction of takes that were specific to the political sphere (8).
On the Treatment of Scrambling and Adjunction in Minimalist Grammars.
The adjunction of two "bedrock" hypotheses--state can never be sure of each other's intentions and they possess inherently offensive military capacity (17)--to the original neorealist framework entails deep change in the structure of incentives produced by international systems.
Another possibility may be the adjunction of a plasmid containing the gene coding for a BMP.