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an act of joining or adjoining things

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However, the fundamental law which links the pair of dilation/erosion, the adjunction property, fails for the introduced structurally adaptive operators.
In cases of coupled constraint equations, incorrect decisions of slave freedoms can lead to numerical stability problems; the main disadvantage of the penalty augmentation is a serious one: the choice of weight values that balance solution accuracy with the violation of constraint conditions; the Lagrange multiplier adjunction introduces additional unknowns, requiring expansion of the original stiffness matrix and more complicated storage allocation procedures.
In adjunction, Weltman and colleagues (1989; 1990) reported that, in both sedentary men and women, exercise performed at a specified percentage of [HR.
In this stage adjunction is also replaced by a properly hierarchical structure, with AUX adopting the role of head.
Certain mixtures covered with open granularity will not have the desired Mechanical resistance, because of the cohesion and adhesiveness obtained with bitumen; this is why, solutions to these disadvantages are sought in the modification by polymers' adjunction.
As initial data, the system of equilibrium equations along the line of shell adjunction to the contour was investigated (Fig 2 a, b) [13, 14].
To be able to capture these within-group differences, future studies need to use more detailed rural classifications, such as the Urban-Rural Continuum Code that considers a town's population size and adjunction to a metropolitan city (Butler & Beale, 1994).
This distribution of negative markers is expected under the standard assumption that why is a phrasal adverb (an XP), and if only XPs can adjoin to XPs (the directionality of adjunction perhaps varying across languages, a point I will abstract away from here):
14) At this point, the medical regimen varies, with continuation of medical treatment if no clinical deterioration occurs, adjunction of a new antituberculous drug, addition or increased dose of corticosteroids, or surgical intervention.
We have also noted the syntactic phenomenon of close versus distant linkage, adjunction versus disjunction, of the determiner deictic sa to its antecedent, if expressed, and to its predicate.
Systemed's prescription benefit systems combine mail service pharmacy features such as therapeutic alternatives and generic substitution with the components of retail network pharmacy such as automated claims adjunction, real time electronic administration of paper and card programs through contracted retail pharmacy networks.
ClaimsLink: An auto adjunction and carrier claims portal, ClaimsLink delivers accurate, real-time claims payment information that allows carriers to respond quickly and accurately to member requests.
Inversion of adjunction for local complete intersection varieties.
On the contrary, the evolution of the yield strain (Table 5) shows an increase with the adjunction of the contaminants.