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Synonyms for adjunction

an act of joining or adjoining things

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has a quasi-log canonical structure induced from (X,[omega], f : (Y, [B.sub.Y]) [right arrow] X) by adjunction (see Theorem 2.6 and [7, Theorem 6.3.5 (i)]).
The other two genres realized variable patterns of clause complementation and adjunction. Some dialectal patterns were equally detected.
Many morphological operators [5] like dilation, erosion, adjunction, and duality were applied on lattice of all subgraphs, where these are further applied in binary and grey scale image denoising.
This study concluded that MgS adjunction provides a profound prolongation of block duration and a significant decrease in postoperative pain scores [14].
Therefore, there is sufficient evidence advocating use of topical nepafenac in adjunction with topical steroids for prevention of ME in patients with NPDR.
The findings of this study revealed the need for a concerted effort to improve patient-physician communication and heighten awareness of both practitioners and patients with lung cancer on the proper and safe use of CAM therapies in adjunction with conventional treatment modalities.
(f) The appearance of the TAM-loaded hydrogel scaffold; the adjunction of TAM has no effect on the coagulation of the hydrogel scaffold.
After this intervention, the hemodynamic status of the patient worsened despite raising dobutamine doses (20 [gamma]/kg/ min) and adrenaline (0,3 [gamma]/kg/min) adjunction.
Hami, V Pomero et al., "Development of a peroperative procedure for concentrated bone marrow adjunction in postero-lateral lumbar fusion: radiological, biological and clinical assessment," European Spine Journal, vol.
Next to some concrete examples where the criterion may be applied, we also study the adjunction between a Barr-exact unital category and its abelian core, which we prove to be admissible.
NPWT was used as adjunction to the relief of venous congestion in the TA flap in all three cases.
(42) The authors propose a judicial branch of international environmental law that would complement existing monitoring systems, suggesting two ways of doing so with judicial review: either extending current compliance procedures through a second stage of third-party adjunction or establishing a distinct process of judicial settlement that comes into play when compliance procedures fail to resolve a case.
(iii) Adjunction: [|u>.sup.[dagger]] = |u>, [|[e.sub.i]>.sup.[dagger]] = <[e.sub.i]]|.
Two different answers have been proposed: either syntactic structure is not necessarily binary (see, for example, Culicover & Jackendoff s, 2005 flat structure; or finite-state proposals for adjunction, as in Uriagereka, 2005, 2012; Krivochen, 2015a) or it is indeed binary, but as a result of interface requirements, particularly semantic conditions on interpretation in a derivational system driven by the need to combine conceptual information (roots) and instructions as to how to manipulate that information, particularly restricting reference (procedural nodes, in Relevance Theoretic terms, Sperber & Wilson, 1995).
In traditional spray coating procedures, when the viscosity of paint and inks get high, additional processing before UV curing is a prerequisite, such as the adjunction of solvent.