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Farxiga (dapagliflozin) is a first-in-class, oral, once-daily selective inhibitor of SGLT2 indicated as both monotherapy and as part of combination therapy to improve glycaemic control, with the additional benefits of weight loss and blood-pressure reduction, as an adjunct to diet and exercise in adults with T2D.
In his new book, The Adjunct Underclass, Herb Childress describes why colleges and universities turned to a contingent workforce, and the consequences this shift has had.
Forxiga is currently under regulatory review in Japan and the US for use as an adjunct treatment to insulin in adults with T1D, with a decision expected in the first and second half of 2019, respectively.
The short-term (24 week) and long-term (52 week) data from DEPICT-1, along with the short-term data from DEPICT-2, showed that Forxiga 5mg daily, when given as an oral adjunct to adjustable insulin in patients within adequately-controlled T1D, demonstrated significant and clinically-meaningful reductions from baseline in average blood glucose levels HbA1c (primary endpoint), weight and total daily insulin dose (secondary endpoints) at 24 and 52 weeks.
Since adjunct clinical nursing instructors serve such an important role in preparing and developing future nurses, they should not lack the instructional training to facilitate their role as nursing educators.
At other UMass campuses, adjunct faculty who teach just two classes per semester are eligible for health benefits and a pension.
"Colleges are cutting back on the number of full-time positions available and staffing classes with adjunct professors," said Mark Grossman, an adjunct professor at both Suffolk and Nassau Community College who also taught at Hofstra University and Farmingdale State College.
OT adjunct faculty are generally clinicians with a specific area of expertise who are hired on a course-by-course basis as a teaching assistant or as an instructor.
Adjunct faculty are defined as part-time or contingent workers who are offered short-term employment on a per-course basis with no assumption of continued employment and "who are seldom offered benefits" such as health care insurance or pension savings (Meixner & Kruck, 2010, p.
I Adjunct faculty positions are a good way for professionals to begin a career in academia.
Despite some slowdown in the online sector, more than 70% of all faculty hired are adjunct versus full time.
Many faculty, both residential and adjunct, will no longer qualify to teach.
Leading the oak adjunct tasting will be Galina Seabrook, an experienced winemaker and former technical advisor with wine technology leaders Vinovation and Oenodev.