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concerned with adjudicating


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It establishes a new set of rules for federal courts to follow, ignoring long-standing Supreme Court precedent that addresses the scope of tribal court adjudicatory jurisdiction from the perspective of state court encroachment.
In its decision, the adjudicatory chamber found that Siasia had breached art.
Announcing the ban on its website on Friday, FIFA said: 'The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has found Mr Samson Siasia, a former official of the Nigeria Football Federation, guilty of having accepted that he would receive bribes in relation to the manipulation of matches in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics.
ZURICH, Switzerland -- The adjudicatory chamber of the independent Ethics Committee has found MrAbu Bakarr Kabba, a former football official affiliated to the Sierra Leone Football Association, guilty of having accepted and received bribes in relation to the manipulation of international matches, in violation of the FIFA Code of Ethics.
According to theAssociated Press, the club are challenging the governing body's right to send the case to their adjudicatory chamber for a ruling to be made.
City's celebrations following last weekend's title triumph - and their build-up to Saturday's FA Cup final against Watford - have been overshadowed after the club were referred to the European governing body's adjudicatory chamber over the matter.
Now Yves Leterme, the former Belgian prime minister who is chairman of the panel, has determined City have a case to answer, with UEFA's adjudicatory chamber now deciding on any sanction in the coming weeks.
The investigatory panel's leader, former Belgium prime minister Yves Leterme, has the final say on any submission made to a separate adjudicatory chamber.
In reaching its decision, the five-member commission carefully considered all of the facts presented in the comprehensive Investigations and Enforcement Bureau report, as well as the witness testimony and evidence, entered into the record during and after the adjudicatory hearing held on April 2-4, 2019.
But in a short statement on Wednesday, UEFA announced that the investigatory chamber of its Club Financial Control Body was sending a new case against them to its adjudicatory chamber, this time for the three-year period between 2016-18.
now appeals from the adjudicatory findings of the Circuit Court for Wicomico County, finalized by disposition in the Circuit Court for Dorchester County, challenging the sufficiency of the evidence.
There is an urgent need for judicial reforms with the capacity to generate spill-over effects for overall adjudicatory efficiency and effectiveness.
Kinteh was found guilty by the Fifa's Independent Ethics Committee adjudicatory Chamber for receiving a bribe from former Fifa presidential candidate Mohamed Bin Hamman in the run-up to the 2011 presidential elections.
due process, the fundamental structure of the adjudicatory process takes